Workplace Issues

Accessible Practices in Pandemic Times2021-05 (May)$175.00
Trauma-Informed Librarianship, 2021-04 (Apr)$250.00
Mindfulness for Reduced Stress2021-01 (Jan), 2021-04 (Apr), 2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
Emotional Intelligence for Librarians2021-03 (Mar)$175.00
Keeping Up with Emerging TechnologiesN/A$175.00
Online Privacy & Security: Best Practices for LibrariansN/A$175.00
Deconstructing the Low-Morale Experience in Academic LibrariesN/A$175.00
Exploring Librarianship through Critical ReflectionN/A$175.00
Student Staff DevelopmentN/A$175.00
Reimagining Workplace Empowerment: Reducing Low Morale for Minority LibrariansN/A$175.00
Cultural Competence for Librarians2021-04 (Apr)$175.00
Redefining Wellness for Librarians of Color2021-07 (Jul)$175.00
Recruiting and Retaining Librarians from Underrepresented Minoritized Groups, 2021-03 (Mar)$175.00
Examining Institutional Racism in Libraries, 2021-01 (Jan)$175.00