Discount Bundles

We offer discounts on registration purchases based on quantity. You can register for all of the courses in some of our certificate programs at a 10% discount. You can also purchase bundles of registrations with a 10%, 15%, or 20% discount depending on the bundle size. With a bundle purchase, registration is handled by email. A bundle is good for a year from purchase, meaning that within a year you must give us the registration instructions as to what classes will be taken, or the registration credits will expire.

We have agreements to provide discounts to members of a number of library consortia and other organizations (e.g. SCELC, CILIP, MOBIUS). Check with yours to see if such a discount is available.

Do-It-Yourself Usability TestingN/A$200.00
LSSC Certificate Course Bundle, , , $1,620.00
XML and RDF Certificate Series Bundle$1,080.00
Digital Curation Series Bundle, , , , $1,080.00
Library Leadership and Management Series Bundle$1,080.00
Bundle of 25$4,000.00
Bundle of 15$2,550.00
Bundle of 5$900.00