“I can highly recommend the classes at the Library Juice Academy. I took a four-week class about critical pedagogy with Maria Accardi. Four weeks is a good amount of time – not a whole semester but enough time to really begin to connect with a subject. These classes are a great compliment to attending conference like ALA or ACRL. Often after 60 or 90 minutes of exposure to an interesting topic in a conference presentation you want to apply the content to your own library but maybe aren’t sure how. The Library Juice classes allow you to more fully explore and develop you ideas – asynchronously and in conjunction with other librarians interested in the same topic. These classes successfully blend both theory and practice, and allow you to personally explore and engage with the subject matter. The class I took gave me the space where I could ask questions about critical pedagogy and reflect on a new direction for my own research.”
– Robert Schroeder

“I am amazed by how much I have learned during the last six months in the XML & RDF Systems Certificate Program, taught by Robert Chavez… Not being a programmer, I was somewhat intimidated by some of the courses (XSLT and SPARQL, specifically). However, Rob presents these topics in such a clear and concise way that I found the majority of the instruction highly digestible. Rob’s plethora of examples are also incredibly helpful. On the occasions when I felt a bit lost or had a question, I found Rob quick to respond with a thorough answer… I would (and have already) recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn more about XML and RDF.”
– Jess Waggoner

“The class was rejuvenating. I am still getting great ideas from everyone. I look forward to implementing them.”
-Jillian Lazaridis on Active Learning Strategies

“Everything about this class was helpful. The teacher is inspiring and the resources she provides are immediately useful. I am so glad I took this class. Please e-mail me when Katie Scherrer teaches another course.”
– Katrina Bergen on Bilingual Storytime at Your Biblioteca

“The class was great; it was substantive and engaging. Maria clearly knows her stuff, the readings were excellent, the assignments concrete, helpful, well curated. Best online class I’ve taken. Hands down. Thanks.”— Liam Adler on Changing Lives, Changing the World: Information Literacy and Critical Pedagogy

“I truly enjoyed this ever-so-useful class. Firstly, the instructor was fantastic. I really appreciated her helpful and encouraging feedback at every turn. I also enjoyed the pace of the course. Finally, the readings were engaging and enlightening, and I truly appreciated the Drobbox of course readings available to all students for download. In short, this course was a valuable experience which will positively affect my professional practice. Thank you to Instructor Robin Hastings and Library Juice Academy!”
– Sara Harrington on Introduction to Project Management