Alumni Network

Our Collective Foundation

Library Juice Academy wasn’t built in a boardroom; it emerged organically from a modest library-focused blog. Our journey is a testament to the power of community, proof of what a shared commitment to education that attempts to overcome educational barriers can do. We are a small, dedicated team–not a sprawling corporate conglomerate–each united by a shared vision of creating equitable and accessible learning spaces for everyone in the profession.

Joining Our Alumni Network

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  • Authentic Connections: Becoming part of our alumni network means joining an intimate intellectual community. We embrace each other’s diverse journeys, celebrate our collective achievements, and offer solidarity in the face of professional and societal hurdles.
  • Real Growth: Engage with a global network of peers who share your love of the library and archival sciences. Our community is about forging deep relationships that extend well beyond the conventional classroom.
  • Mentorship and Mutual Aid: We are all more than educators and students; we are each allies and mentors. If we are going to survive the unrelenting systemic and institutional challenges of this moment, we have to work together.

Commitment to Transformative Education 

We are dedicated to creating learning experiences that are not just impactful but genuinely meaningful. Your growth as a professional and as a person is all of our collective victory.

Sustaining Engagement

We recognize that true learning does not end when the class is over. We’re developing a variety of tools to help you at work, to inspire continuous critical thinking, and to maintain connections with colleagues and mentors. From in-depth webinars to informal discussions, our commitment is to nurture your journey as a lifelong learner.

Join the Network
Membership in the LJA Alumni Network is open to students who have taken at least three of our classes. You will have access to a listserv, a community space in our Moodle site, and periodic offers and opportunities. There is no fee for membership. Go to our signup form to join…