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Certificate in User Experience for Libraries

In this certificate program, you will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of user experience (UX) and how to apply user-centered strategies to library websites and beyond. Topics covered include the key concepts of UX design and how to employ them in your website projects, concepts in design thinking, the ins and outs of information architecture, writing for the web, concepts in universal design and accessibility, usability testing and other research methods, service design, and how to create a website content strategy. All together, these courses cover a breadth of topics that will equip you with the skills necessary to create, manage, and sustain library websites and other services that provide an excellent user experience.

The courses in the certificate grouping work as standalone courses as well, and need not be taken towards a certificate. For the certificate, the courses may be taken in any order; none have prerequisites. If you have previously taken any of the courses below and want them to count towards the certificate, let us know and we will maintain a record for you.

To earn the certificate, you must complete six of the following courses:

Courses in this series

Course Instructor Credits Cost
User Experience Research and Design Carli Spina 1.5 CEUs $175
Introduction to Design Thinking Carli Spina 1.5 CEUs $175
Information Architecture: Designing Navigation for Library Websites Laura-Edythe Coleman 1.5 CEUs $175
Do-It-Yourself Usability Testing Laura-Edythe Coleman 1.5 CEUs $175
Know Your User: Research Methods Beyond Usability Testing Emily Daly 1.5 CEUs $175
Introduction to Web Traffic Assessment Using Google Analytics Lisa Gayhart 1.5 CEUs $175
Writing for the Web Heidi Burkhardt 1.5 CEUs $175
Web Accessibility: Techniques for Design and Testing Carli Spina 1.5 CEUs $175
Developing a Website Content Strategy Shoshana Mayden 1.5 CEUs $175
Service Design: Towards a Holistic Assessment of Library Services Joe J. Marquez 1.5 CEUs $175
Working with Library Service Design Tools Joe J. Marquez 1.5 CEUs $175
Getting to Know Your Users through Interviews and Focus Groups Jennifer Sweeney 1.5 CEUs $175