Digital Collections

Assessing Digital Collections Using DEIA2022-11 (Nov)$200.00
Introduction to Wikidata2022-07 (Jul)$200.00
Introduction to AV Preservation2023-01 (Jan)$200.00
Creating Digital Learning Objects for Libraries2022-08 (Aug)$200.00
Institutional Repository Management and Outreach2022-07 (Jul)$300.00
Creating Digital ExhibitsN/A$200.00
Digital Accessibility for Library Work2022-10 (Oct)$200.00
Grant Writing for Digital Collections in Libraries & Museums2023-02 (Feb)$200.00
UX & Digital Collections2023-03 (Mar), 2023-04 (Apr)$200.00
Introduction to Data Management2022-08 (Aug)$300.00
Introduction to Linked Data2022-12 (Dec)$200.00
Introduction to Digital Humanities for LibrariansN/A$200.00
The SPARQL Fundamentals: The Semantic Web in Action2022-07 (Jul), 2023-01 (Jan)$200.00
JSON-LD Fundamentals2022-12 (Dec)$200.00
Introduction to JSON and Structured Data2022-08 (Aug)$200.00
RDF, RDFa and Structured Data Vocabularies2022-11 (Nov)$200.00
Ethics and Sustainability for Digital Curation2022-12 (Dec)$200.00
Describing Photographs for the Online Catalogue2023-02 (Feb)$200.00
XSLT Fundamentals2022-10 (Oct)$200.00
Digital Repository Fundamentals and Design2022-10 (Oct)$200.00
Introduction to Digital Preservation2022-09 (Sep), 2022-11 (Nov)$200.00
The SPARQL Fundamentals IIIN/A$200.00
Transforming and Querying XML with XSLT and XQuery2022-09 (Sep)$200.00
Metadata and Description for Digital Special Collections2022-07 (Jul), 2022-09 (Sep)$200.00
Fundamentals of Digital Curation in Libraries, Archives and Museums2022-10 (Oct)$200.00
The SPARQL Fundamentals IIN/A$200.00
Introduction to XML2022-08 (Aug)$200.00
Getting Started With Digital Image Collections2023-01 (Jan)$200.00