Quill West

Quill West has been an open education leader and advocate throughout her career and currently serves as Open Education Project Manager at Pierce College, in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. As a librarian seeking to forward open education work, Quill has helped many institutions launch and sustain open education initiatives. She headed the Library as Open Education Leader project, which invited and trained librarians in Washington to become advocates for OER in their own institutions. She collaborates with colleagues to create, adopt, adapt, and support open education projects, particularly where students shape the materials as they learn.

Introduction to Copyright and Open Licensing for Libraries and Archives, 2024-12 (Dec)$250.00
Librarians as OER & Textbook Affordability Leaders, 2024-11 (Nov)$250.00
Open Pedagogy and Information Literacy, 2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER), 2024-08 (Aug)$250.00