Library Juice Makes its Discussion List Platform Available to the Library Community

Press release
October 3, 2023
Media contact:
Rory Litwin

Library Juice Academy is making its email discussion list platform available to the library community, for organizations or informal groups who lack access to a similar hosting arrangement. The LJA discussion list platform runs on a robust and widely-used server software package called Mailman.

This offering comes at a time when many popular email discussion lists in the LIS field have shut down, many being replaced by the ALA Connect platform. For groups that have been unable to switch to Connect, or who have not been satisfied with it, LJA’s traditional discussion list platform presents an alternative.

The service is being offered free of charge, as a service to the library community. Representatives of groups who may be interested can find out more by contacting Rory Litwin, at

Library Juice Academy is a leading provider of online professional development opportunities in the LIS field. They offer around 20 courses each month on a diverse array of practical topics, taught by instructors who are selected for their special expertise and teaching experience. Courses are taught asynchronously within a four- or six-week period, with communication between instructors and students taking place in threaded forums and private messaging. Library Juice Academy is an outgrowth of the LIS publisher, Library Juice Press. For more information, visit and

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