Library Juice Academy Partners with Skilltype

Press release

September 25, 2023

Media contact:
Ariana Varela

Library Juice Academy classes are now a part of Skilltype’s database of training opportunities.

Library Juice Academy has partnered with Skilltype to include 200 of their courses in Skilltype’s curated index of trainings, enabling employers and their staff who use Skilltype to make them a part of their overall professional development programming. Skilltype will recommend upcoming Library Juice classes to users who have expressed interest in the topics that match their professional development goals. 

Membership in Skilltype will give users a 10% discount on Library Juice Academy course registrations.

Rory Litwin, President of Library Juice Academy, offers insights into how Skilltype’s platform will amplify the reach and impact of Library Juice Academy’s offerings. “We’re excited to enter into a partnership with Skilltype. We like their potential for being in a central position in the library professional development landscape, and it makes sense for our courses to be included in their platform.”

Tony Zanders, Founder and CEO at Skilltype, underscores the partnership’s alignment with Skilltype’s vision for personalized talent development. “Library Juice Academy is a well-respected name in the area of continuing education for librarians. I’m delighted to have its extensive course catalog available on the Skilltype platform, which will recommend upcoming courses to our members when the topics match their stated interests and goals. Members can take advantage of a discount for each course, and can plan a targeted professional development goal through completion of these courses in addition to the thousands of resources available on the platform.”


About Skilltype

Skilltype is the exclusive provider of talent management software designed for libraries and information professionals. Founded in 2018, Skilltype is now used by over 150 libraries across 5 countries, and headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA.

About Library Juice Academy

Library Juice Academy offers a range of online professional development workshops for librarians and other library staff, focusing on practical topics to build new skills. These workshops earn Continuing Education Units, and are intended as professional development activities.

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