Barbie Keiser

Barbie KeiserBarbie Keiser is an information resources management (IRM) consultant. She has developed courses in Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Knowledge Management Systems (KMS), delivered at universities around the world. Today, she teaches them in the classroom for Carey Business School, Johns Hopkins University, and online for the College of Communications and Information Science, University of Kentucky, and Library Juice Academy. She received her MSLS from Case Western Reserve University. She has won numerous awards from library, information, and academic institutions, has been a Fulbright Specialist in Slovenia (2004) and Lithuania (2007), and is a board member of World Computer Exchange (WCE). Barbie is a prolific author, perhaps best known for her column in ONLINE Searcher magazine. A co-author of Marketing Library Services: A Nuts-and-Bolts Approach, Barbie has turned the print work into a series of workshops for librarians/infopros.

Introduction to Knowledge Management Systems for Libraries2025-01 (Jan)$250.00