Library Instruction

This certificate program is designed to help you develop an advanced level of knowledge in library instruction topics, with the opportunity to tailor the program to your needs by providing a range of courses to choose from.

The courses in the certificate grouping work as standalone courses as well, and need not be taken towards a certificate. For the certificate, the courses may be taken in any order; none have prerequisites. If you have previously taken any of the courses below and want them to count towards the certificate, let us know and we will maintain a record for you.

To earn the certificate, you must complete eight of the following courses. Courses offered by us and courses offered through Inquiring Teachers count for the certificate.

Zines for Critical Reflection and Pedagogy, 2023-01 (Jan)$300.00
Curriculum Mapping Information Literacy for Academic LibrariansN/A$200.00
Creating Digital Learning Objects for LibrariesN/A$200.00
Online Instructional Delivery2022-11 (Nov), 2023-07 (Jul)$200.00
Online Instructional Design2022-10 (Oct), 2023-06 (Jun)$200.00
Sociology of Information Disorder and Fake News2022-10 (Oct), 2023-02 (Feb)$300.00
Inclusive Instructional Design, 2023-02 (Feb)$200.00
Transforming Your Teaching ToolkitN/A$300.00
Feminist Pedagogy for Instruction, Reference, and BeyondN/A$300.00
Changing Lives, Changing the World: Information Literacy and Critical PedagogyN/A$200.00
Active Learning Strategies2023-01 (Jan)$200.00
Primary Source Pedagogy2022-10 (Oct)$200.00
Developing a Credit-Bearing Information Literacy CourseN/A$200.00
Informal Learning in the Academic Library, N/A$200.00
Critical Information Literacy, 2022-11 (Nov)$300.00
Introduction to Universal Design for LearningN/A$200.00
Addressing Misinformation and Fake News: Resources and StrategiesN/A$200.00
Embedded Librarianship in Online Courses2023-02 (Feb)$200.00
An Introduction to the Scholarship of Teaching and LearningN/A$200.00
Techniques for Student Engagement in Library Instruction2023-03 (Mar)$200.00