Announcing our Certificate in Museum Informatics

This certificate program focuses on skills and concepts related to how museums care for and present objects in their collections as well as  how museums manage the  knowledge and information about their collections. Museum informatics also covers how museums use various information technologies – such as digital exhibits – to engage visitors on site and remotely.
The certificate requires the completion of eight courses taken in any order, selected from the following list of LJA courses or from any courses offered by our partner, MuseumDev.
See the list of courses here.

2 comments on “Announcing our Certificate in Museum Informatics

  1. Rory,

    I am interested in this. Is it possible to take a class here and there? I am finishing Library Info. Tech certificate/AS from Cuesta College and it would be good to blend the 2 as they are linked.

    Thank you,
    Elizabeth Read

    1. Definitely, you can take a class here and there. You can earn the certificate over time by taking classes in any order, or you can just take any of the classes for your own interest if you don’t wish to earn the certificate.

      Rory Litwin

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