Welcome to our new website!

We’ve reworked our website entirely, and we’d like your feedback and troubleshooting help. We are using WooCommerce as our shopping cart system, and it’s a little new to us, so we might need your help discovering glitches that we need to fix. We hope you enjoy the site and find its new functionalities useful. You can find our contact info via a link in the menu bar if you have feedback. Thanks!

6 comments on “Welcome to our new website!

  1. You had a great piece on the old website explaining the origins of the name “Library Juice”. I’m a third semester LIS student and, as someone not acquainted with all things library, it was good to learn the backstory to verify that you’re a reputable organization. If it’s still on your website I can’t find it now. I saw the blurb about it being a zine back in 1998, but the original story was so much more enjoyable. Please add it back!

    1. Hi Mandi… Thanks for remembering that piece. I will see if I can find that again. If not I will re-tell the story.

  2. The new website looks great! A few observations to improve accessibility.
    The announcements on the right (3 boxes): the one with the solid background is the best. Text in the other two boxes, with patterned backgrounds, are hard to read.The color scheme is fine.
    The top right navigation menu works great, but the dark lines in the banner background make the first three options (Courses, About, FAQ) harder to read. Maybe the font size and color could be improved here?
    Looking forward to navigating all the various pages!

  3. Hi,
    I am an academic librarian, working for a school, would to know if you have any online courses for a school librarian.

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