Webinar: Libraries & the Textbook Impasse

Join us for the next iteration of Library Juice Academy’s free webinar series. 

Title: Libraries & the Textbook Impasse

Speakers: Colleen Sanders and Quill West

Date/Time: Thursday, February 29th, 2024 at 1pm PST – EDIT: Postponed. New scheduling information pending.

It’s no secret that the current commercial textbook system (e.g. inclusive access, online courseware, and textbook purchasing/rental) in higher education does not support student retention or success. Libraries offer learner-centric alternatives such as OER and licensed eBooks. However, faculty support for transitioning courses may not yet be sustainable or scalable. This webinar suggests libraries can help institutions improve textbook selection, which is historically a solitary choice or departmental precedent, to be more systematic and student-centric. Join us in this webinar to discuss how we are currently at an impasse in terms of textbook selection and use, how that impasse negatively impacts student resilience, and how librarians can help disrupt the system as advocates for our learners.

By attending this session, participants will be able to: 

  • Conceptualize the U.S. textbook impasse in higher education
  • Examine the impacts of the traditional textbook model on student learning and resilience
  • Identify opportunities and strategies for libraries to influence their institutions toward viable solutions

2 comments on “Webinar: Libraries & the Textbook Impasse

  1. Hi — the webinar link is not working to register. :/ Do you keep recordings of the webinars?

    1. Hi. We had to cancel this webinar due to a medical emergency. Watch this space for rescheduling information.

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