Webinar: Developing a Coaching Approach to Leadership

Thursday, Dec 7th at 2pm EST / 11am PST

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Using a coaching approach to leadership has a wide range of benefits, from improving morale and empowering your team members to improving productivity. 

Definitions for managerial coaching are all over the place. Research in the coaching literature shows that many of the practices discussed by leaders in organizations as “coaching” are more accurately described as a rebranding of guided training. Research also shows that many of the workshops offered by professional coaches on developing coaching skills, as defined by their professional organizations, tend to focus on skills that feel irrelevant to managers who have to balance an array of responsibilities and demands on their time. 

Angela Pashia’s approach combines her training as a professional coach with 12 years of experience working in academic libraries. She focuses on developing a coaching mindset, as defined by the International Coaching Federation, and building the coaching skills that are most relevant for library leaders to shift how you interact with the people who report to you.

That means embracing curiosity. That means biting your tongue to listen to their idea before (and maybe even instead of) jumping in with your advice. That means keeping your mind open, even when discussing something that’s outside of your comfort zone.

In this webinar, Angela will:

  • Provide an overview of the benefits of using a coaching approach
  • Introduce the coaching mindset
  • Introduce the core coaching skills that are relevant for library leaders
  • Include examples of how a coaching approach can help to empower your team and lead to more effective resolutions of performance issues 

Angela Pashia is a leadership and career development coach with a dozen years of experience as an academic librarian. Angela’s approach to coaching focuses on partnering with clients to empower them to reach their goals, whether they’re ready to take their career to the next level or feel stuck in their job and want to explore their options beyond libraries. Angela’s featured group program is designed to support library leaders in developing a coaching approach to leadership, adapting the professional coaching skills that are most relevant for library leaders. Angela graduated from an ICF-accredited professional coach training program in 2023. As a librarian, Angela focused on using critical pedagogy approaches in teaching critical information literacy, mentoring colleagues, working against structural oppression within libraries, and growing as a collaborative leader. Angela published two co-edited books and several book chapters and articles on these topics. Angela’s latest book, Using Open Educational Resources to Promote Social Justice, co-edited with CJ Ivory, was published in 2022. Angela’s first co-edited book (with Jessica Critten), Critical Approaches to Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Courses, was selected as an ACRL Instruction Section, Teaching Methods Committee Selected Resource in 2020. Learn more at https://angelapashia.com/

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6 comments on “Webinar: Developing a Coaching Approach to Leadership

  1. Hi. May I ask how long is this webinar?

    Thank you for your time.


    Sherry Snider

  2. Hello,
    I was unable to attend but registered. How can I obtain the recording?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Anisa… We are working on that and will make an announcement soon. Thanks for your interest…

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