2025-02 (Feb)

Developing Programs for Multimedia and Emerging Technologies in Libraries2025-02 (Feb)$375.00
Introduction to Public History2025-02 (Feb)$250.00
Writing for Publication in Scholarly or Trade Outlets2025-02 (Feb)$250.00
Archives Scholarship2025-02 (Feb)$250.00
Introduction to Accessibility and Universal Design in Libraries2024-11 (Nov), 2025-02 (Feb)$250.00
Leadership Communication2025-02 (Feb)$250.00
Fundamentals of Digital Curation in Libraries, Archives, and Museums2024-07 (Jul), 2024-10 (Oct), 2025-02 (Feb), 2025-06 (Jun)$250.00
The SPARQL Fundamentals II2024-08 (Aug), 2025-02 (Feb)$250.00