2024-09 (Sep)

Open Pedagogy and Information Literacy, 2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Becoming a Public Library Trustee: What You Need to Know2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Microsoft Access for Libraries2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Python for Librarians2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Serials Cataloging2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
LSSC Elective Competencies: Youth Services2024-09 (Sep)$375.00
Exploring and Applying Critical Theory: An Introduction for Librarians2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Introduction to Genealogical Librarianship2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Developmentally-Appropriate Media for Storytimes2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Systematic Review Essentials2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Introduction to Technical Services in Special Collections2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Assisting Patrons with Mental Disorders Across Library Settings2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Foundations of Early Literacy2024-05 (May), 2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Authority Control2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
XSLT Fundamentals2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Digital Repository Fundamentals and Design2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Introduction to Digital Preservation2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
The SPARQL Fundamentals III2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Transforming and Querying XML with XSLT and XQuery2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Faculty and Librarian Collaborations2024-09 (Sep)$250.00
Examining Institutional Racism in Libraries, 2024-09 (Sep)$250.00