2024-01 (Jan)

Climate Change Impacts on Libraries and Archives2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
Early Literacy Teaching Practices in BIPOC Communities2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER), 2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
Children’s Literature through an Equity Lens and Framework2024-01 (Jan)$300.00
Community Archives2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
Serials Cataloging2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
Introduction to Electronic Resource Management in Academic Libraries2024-01 (Jan)$300.00
Introduction to Metadata2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
Grant Writing for Digital Collections in Libraries & Museums2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
LSSC Required Competencies: Foundations of Library Services2024-01 (Jan)$300.00
Everyday Statistics for Librarians2024-01 (Jan)$300.00
Creating Inclusive Storytime Programs2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
Introduction to Collection Analysis2024-01 (Jan), 2024-07 (Jul)$200.00
Excel for Librarians2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
Introduction to Technical Services in Special Collections2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
The SPARQL Fundamentals: The Semantic Web in Action2024-01 (Jan), 2024-07 (Jul)$200.00
Active Learning Strategies2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
Leadership Essentials2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
Business Information2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
Authority Control2024-01 (Jan), 2024-09 (Sep)$200.00
Legal Materials for Information Professionals2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
Examining Institutional Racism in Libraries, 2024-01 (Jan)$200.00
Appraisal and Collection Development for Digital Special Collections2024-01 (Jan), 2024-08 (Aug)$200.00