2021-12 (Dec)

Python for Librarians2021-12 (Dec), 2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
Online Instructional Delivery2021-12 (Dec), 2022-05 (May)$200.00
Introduction to Data Management2021-12 (Dec)$300.00
Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods, 2021-12 (Dec)$300.00
Introduction to Linked Data2021-12 (Dec)$200.00
Excel for Librarians2021-12 (Dec)$200.00
Wikipedia for Libraries and Archives2021-12 (Dec)$200.00
Assisting Patrons with Mental Disorders Across Library Settings2021-12 (Dec), 2022-06 (Jun)$200.00
Ethics and Sustainability for Digital Curation2021-12 (Dec), 2022-06 (Jun)$200.00
Using MarcEdit2021-12 (Dec)$200.00