2021-05 (May)

Information Architecture2021-05 (May)$175.00
Accessible Practices in Pandemic Times2021-05 (May)$175.00
Python for Librarians2021-05 (May)$175.00
Online Instructional Design2021-05 (May), 2021-11 (Nov)$175.00
LSSC Required Competencies: Technology2021-05 (May)$250.00
Introduction to Collection Analysis2021-05 (May)$175.00
Excel for Librarians2021-05 (May), 2021-12 (Dec)$175.00
Introduction to Book Indexing2021-05 (May)$175.00
Introduction to Accessibility and Universal Design in Libraries2021-05 (May), 2021-10 (Oct)$175.00
Introduction to Technical Services in Special Collections2021-05 (May)$175.00
Introduction to JSON and Structured Data2021-05 (May)$175.00
RDF, RDFa and Structured Data Vocabularies2021-05 (May), 2021-11 (Nov)$175.00
Foundations of Early Literacy2021-05 (May), 2021-09 (Sep)$175.00
Bilingual Storytime at Your Biblioteca2021-05 (May)$175.00
Leadership Essentials2021-05 (May)$175.00
Readers' Advisory 1022021-05 (May), 2021-11 (Nov)$175.00
Introduction to Digital Preservation2021-05 (May), 2021-09 (Sep), 2021-11 (Nov)$175.00
Faculty and Librarian Collaborations2021-05 (May)$175.00
Legal Materials for Information Professionals2021-05 (May)$175.00
Subject Analysis and Subject Representation2021-05 (May), 2021-09 (Sep)$175.00