2020-11 (Nov)

Introduction to Museums2020-11 (Nov), 2021-07 (Jul)$175.00
UX & Digital Collections2020-11 (Nov)$175.00
Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods, 2020-11 (Nov)$250.00
LSSC Elective Competencies: Collection Management2020-11 (Nov), 2021-09 (Sep)$250.00
Art Librarianship2020-11 (Nov)$175.00
Building Business Connections in Your Community2020-11 (Nov)$175.00
Introduction to Text Encoding2020-11 (Nov)$175.00
Family Service Partnership and Outreach Programs2020-11 (Nov), 2021-11 (Nov)$175.00
Systematic Review Essentials2020-11 (Nov)$175.00
Introduction to JSON and Structured Data2020-11 (Nov), 2021-05 (May)$175.00
RDF, RDFa and Structured Data Vocabularies2020-11 (Nov), 2021-05 (May)$175.00
Informal Learning in the Academic Library, 2020-11 (Nov)$175.00
Ethics and Sustainability for Digital Curation2020-11 (Nov), 2021-06 (Jun)$175.00
Authority Control2020-11 (Nov)$175.00
Stories, Songs, and Stretches III: Stories and Songs2020-11 (Nov), 2021-04 (Apr), 2021-11 (Nov)$175.00
Introduction to Library Program Evaluation2020-11 (Nov)$175.00
Developing a Website Content Strategy2020-11 (Nov)$175.00
Dewey Decimal Classification2020-11 (Nov)$175.00