Rabia Khokhar

Rabia Khokhar is an elementary Teacher in Toronto, Ontario. She is also a an education and equity consultant at Rabia Teaches and a PhD student at the Univeristy of Toronto where she is studying equity and anti-racist education. Rabia believes that books are a tangible tool that can help us bring equity from theory to practice and ensure all children feel reflected, represented, and seen through an asset-based lens. She enjoys sharing her teaching and learning on her social media platforms like twitter @Rabia_Khokhar1, instagram @Rabia_Reads, and her website www.rabiakhokhar.com. Rabia is the recipient of the Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario’s 2021 Anti-Racist and Equity Activism Award, the 2022 Professional Learning and Curriculum development Award, and the 2022 Canadian School Libraries Angela Thacker Memorial Award for Teacher-Librarian excellence.

Children’s Literature through an Equity Lens and FrameworkN/A$375.00