Library Leadership and Management

This series provides a strong foundation in managerial skills, and is intended for new managers or those who would like to enhance their current knowledge base. Though these courses touch on organizational theory, the primary focus is on practical skills that can be readily adapted to individual needs.

The six four-week courses in this program complement and build upon each other; however, they have also been developed as stand-alone courses and can be taken as such. Participants who successfully complete all six of these courses will obtain a certificate of completion for the series.

Telling the Library Story through Community Engagement2023-12 (Dec), 2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
Charting a Course for the Future through Strategic Planning2023-11 (Nov), 2024-05 (May)$200.00
Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Development2023-10 (Oct), 2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Implementing and Managing Organizational Change2024-03 (Mar)$200.00
Leadership Communication2024-02 (Feb)$200.00
Leadership Essentials2024-01 (Jan)$200.00