Server upgraded

Our users may be pleased to know that we’ve just done a server upgrade. We’ve been challenged recently to accommodate increased traffic, but now we should be good. In case you’re curious, here is what we are now running:

Intel Xeon processors, two of them
Both running at 3.1 GHz
4GB memory
8MB cache
300GB disk space
Running linux and apache

This should hold us over for a while…

One thought on “Server upgraded

  1. Adel Labidi

    I took the course of Introduction to semantic web and I am finishing the second: RDFa and RSS. I am satisfied with the way in which courses are presented. I found myself able to understand the content and to work during hours in each week to complete the assignments. It is an intelligent idea that “pushes” students to read many times the content so to be able to respond to questions. I like the courses of Robert Chavez and I am going to finish the whole certificate: Certificate in XML and RDF-Based Systems.


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