Feedback for Introduction to Project Management, February 2013 Session

We would like students to leave their public feedback, or reviews, on the now completed February 2013 session of Introduction to Project Management, taught by Robin Hastings. Participants’ feedback will help us know how we can improve, and also to give others a sense of what our classes are like.


2 thoughts on “Feedback for Introduction to Project Management, February 2013 Session

  1. Debra J. Gomes

    I think the course was well done and offered a number of resources about the topic. The project I submitted for the homework will be used as a live project over the next few months. This course helped me to think about all the possibilities and plan for them to make the project successful.
    Thanks for offering the course. It would be nice to have an additional course that would pick up from this one with some intermediate concepts.

  2. Jennifer Mahnken

    overall the class was helpful. The google hangouts were a good idea though I couldn’t participate in them. I would have liked more discussion or chat time. Filling out a charter etc, was helpful but such a big undertaking that it was difficult to get feedback on it. I would have prefered smaller assignments with more immediate feedback.


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