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Introduction to Collection Development

Instructor: Robert Holley

Dates: November 4th through December 1st, 2019

Credits: 1.5 CEUs or 15 PDHs

Price: $175


Collection development is an essential function of libraries to make available needed resources to their users. Its goals vary according to the type of library and any special wants of its user community. Successful collection development requires providing users with these materials when they want them from the vast universe of possible purchases. Effective budgeting and cost-effective selection are also necessary to build the strongest collection possible with available resources. Furthermore, collection development is an important topic because most librarians have materials selection responsibilities.

In this 4 week course, participants will learn how to identify user needs, to codify collection development policies and procedures, to select appropriate materials among the many possibilities, to acquire and make available these resources, to cooperate with other libraries, and to manage and evaluate their collections. The instructor will identify the broad differences in collection development according to the type and size of libraries and discuss important special topics such as copyright and intellectual freedom.

Course Schedule:

  • Week 1: Preparing to Select: Definition of collection development, information needs assessment, collection development policy
  • Week 2: Selection: Types of materials, print and e-resources, sources for reviews, acquisitions and vendor selection; special formats
  • Week 3: Budgeting and Collection Maintenance: Budgeting for collection development, collection evaluation, weeding, preservation
  • Week 4: Special topics: copyright, intellectual freedom, resource sharing, gifts, special funding opportunities

By the end of this course, participants will learn how to:

  • Define the appropriate user community and identify their information needs
  • Document the policies and procedures for collection development
  • Identify appropriate materials to add to the collection and decide on their format
  • Acquire and make available these materials in an efficient and cost effective manner
  • Maintain and evaluate the collection
  • Understand how copyright affects collection development
  • Enhance the collection through resource sharing and gifts
  • Apply the principles of intellectual freedom in building a balanced collection that meets the needs of a diverse user community
Robert Holley

Dr. Robert P. Holley has extensive experience in collection development as a librarian, professor, author, and speaker. He was chief collection development office at the Marriott Library, University of Utah (1980-1988) and Wayne State University (1988-1993, 1998-1999) He frequently taught collection development both in the classroom and online in WSU’s School of Library and Information Science (1993-1998, 2001-2015) to students who intended to work in all types of libraries. From 1980-2015, he selected library materials for the Romance Languages. He has written a bi-monthly column on collection development issues for Against the Grain since 2008 and is a frequent speaker at the Charleston Conference, the premier conference on collection development. He has authored scholarly articles and given presentations on his special interests in collection development including the out-of-print book market, self-publishing, and intellectual freedom.

Course Structure

This is an online class that is taught asynchronously, meaning that participants do the work on their own time as their schedules allow. The class does not meet together at any particular times, although the instructor may set up optional sychronous chat sessions. Instruction includes readings and assignments in one-week segments. Class participation is in an online forum environment.

Payment Info

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