2024-06 (Jun)

Becoming an Inclusive and Supportive Supervisor2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
Enhancing Your LibGuides2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
Strategizing the Promotion (and Tenure) Dossier2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
Assessing Digital Collections Using DEIA2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
Preservation of Archival Collections2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
Zines for Critical Reflection and Pedagogy, 2024-06 (Jun)$300.00
LSSC Required Competencies: Communication and Teamwork2024-06 (Jun)$300.00
Introduction to Linked Data2023-12 (Dec), 2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
Beyond the Basics: Cataloging DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and Streaming Videos2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
Introduction to Text Encoding2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
Telling the Library Story through Community Engagement2023-12 (Dec), 2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
JSON-LD Fundamentals2024-06 (Jun), 2024-12 (Dec)$200.00
Developmentally-Appropriate Books for Storytime2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
Allyship, Anti-Oppression Practices, and Building Inclusive Libraries2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
Metadata and Description for Digital Special Collections2024-03 (Mar), 2024-06 (Jun), 2024-10 (Oct)$200.00
Know Your User: Research Methods Beyond Usability Testing2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
Techniques for Student Engagement in Library Instruction2024-06 (Jun)$200.00
Introduction to Design Thinking2024-06 (Jun)$200.00