2024-05 (May)

AI and Libraries, for Skeptics2024-05 (May)$200.00
Strategic Approaches to Managing Your Workload2024-05 (May)$200.00
Electronic Resources Cataloging2023-12 (Dec), 2024-05 (May), 2024-11 (Nov)$200.00
Developing an Archives Collection2024-05 (May)$200.00
Library of Congress Classification2024-05 (May)$200.00
Creating Digital Learning Objects for Libraries2024-05 (May)$200.00
Institutional Repository Management and Outreach2024-05 (May)$300.00
Online Instructional Delivery2024-05 (May)$200.00
Inclusive Instructional Design2024-05 (May)$200.00
Do-It-Yourself Usability Testing2024-05 (May)$200.00
UX & Digital Collections2024-05 (May)$200.00
LSSC Elective Competencies: Access Services2024-05 (May)$300.00
Deconstructing the Low-Morale Experience in Academic Libraries2024-05 (May)$200.00
Introduction to Accessibility and Universal Design in Libraries2024-05 (May)$200.00
Charting a Course for the Future through Strategic Planning2024-05 (May)$200.00
Getting to Know Your Users through Interviews and Focus Groups2024-05 (May)$200.00
RDF, RDFa and Structured Data Vocabularies2024-05 (May), 2024-11 (Nov)$200.00
Foundations of Early Literacy2024-05 (May), 2024-09 (Sep)$200.00
Cultural Competence for Librarians2024-05 (May)$200.00
Creating Online Exhibits with Omeka2024-05 (May)$200.00