2024-04 (Apr)

Beyond Libraries: Translating Your Skills to Other Contexts2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Librarians as OER & Textbook Affordability Leaders, 2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Is Consulting for Me? What You Need to Know About Library Consulting Work2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Creating Dementia Friendly Services for the Public Library2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Zines for Critical Reflection and Pedagogy, 2024-04 (Apr)$300.00
Real World Objects: Linked Data in Library Metadata & Cataloging2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Python for Librarians2024-04 (Apr), 2024-09 (Sep)$200.00
Online Instructional Design2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Critical Concepts in LIS: Research, Teaching, and Practice2024-04 (Apr)$300.00
Introduction to Research Data Management2024-04 (Apr)$300.00
LSSC Required Competencies: Technology2024-04 (Apr)$300.00
User Experience Research and Design2024-04 (Apr), 2024-10 (Oct)$200.00
Understanding the BIBFRAME Model and Vocabulary2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Writing for the Web2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Introduction to Digital Humanities for Librarians2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Development2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Business and Professional Writing for Librarians2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Ethics and Sustainability for Digital Curation2024-04 (Apr), 2024-11 (Nov)$200.00
Introduction to RDF2024-04 (Apr), 2024-10 (Oct)$200.00
Exploring STEAM Concepts Through Storytimes2024-04 (Apr), 2024-08 (Aug)$200.00
Recruiting and Retaining Librarians from Underrepresented Minoritized Groups, 2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Introduction to Health Sciences Librarianship, 2024-04 (Apr)$200.00