2023-10 (Oct)

Kindness and Wellbeing at Work in Libraries2023-10 (Oct)$300.00
Equity and Early Literacy2023-10 (Oct), 2024-03 (Mar), 2024-07 (Jul)$200.00
Library of Congress Classification2023-10 (Oct), 2024-05 (May)$200.00
Microsoft Access for Libraries2023-10 (Oct)$200.00
Controlled Vocabularies and Taxonomies2023-10 (Oct), 2024-03 (Mar)$200.00
Online Instructional Design2023-10 (Oct), 2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
LSSC Elective Competencies: Supervision and Management2023-10 (Oct), 2024-10 (Oct)$300.00
User Experience Research and Design2023-10 (Oct), 2024-04 (Apr), 2024-10 (Oct)$200.00
Introduction to GIS and GeoWeb Technologies2023-10 (Oct)$200.00
Introduction to Archives Administration and Management2023-10 (Oct), 2024-03 (Mar)$300.00
Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Development2023-10 (Oct), 2024-04 (Apr)$200.00
Primary Source Pedagogy2023-10 (Oct)$200.00
Caring for Collections2023-10 (Oct)$200.00
Critical Information Literacy, 2023-10 (Oct)$300.00
XSLT Fundamentals2023-10 (Oct), 2024-03 (Mar), 2024-09 (Sep)$200.00
Introduction to RDF2023-10 (Oct), 2024-04 (Apr), 2024-10 (Oct)$200.00
Faculty and Librarian Collaborations2023-10 (Oct)$200.00
Metadata and Description for Digital Special Collections2023-10 (Oct), 2024-03 (Mar)$200.00
Fundamentals of Digital Curation in Libraries, Archives, and Museums2023-10 (Oct), 2024-03 (Mar)$200.00
Supercharging Your Storytimes2023-10 (Oct), 2024-02 (Feb), 2024-10 (Oct)$300.00
Introduction to Cataloging2023-10 (Oct), 2024-03 (Mar)$200.00