2023-09 (Sep)

Introduction to Wikidata2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Archives Scholarship2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Real World Objects: Linked Data in Library Metadata & Cataloging2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Python for Librarians2023-05 (May), 2023-09 (Sep), 2023-11 (Nov)$200.00
Introduction to Electronic Resource Management in Academic Libraries2023-09 (Sep)$300.00
LSSC Elective Competencies: Youth Services2023-09 (Sep)$300.00
Everyday Statistics for Librarians2023-05 (May), 2023-09 (Sep)$300.00
Understanding the BIBFRAME Model and Vocabulary2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Exploring and Applying Critical Theory: An Introduction for Librarians2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Developmentally-Appropriate Media for Storytimes2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Introduction to Project Management2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Implementing and Managing Organizational Change2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Introduction to JSON and Structured Data2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Foundations of Early Literacy2023-05 (May), 2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Digital Repository Fundamentals and Design2023-05 (May), 2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Introduction to Digital Preservation2023-05 (May), 2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Using MarcEdit2023-05 (May), 2023-09 (Sep), 2024-02 (Feb)$200.00
The SPARQL Fundamentals III2023-04 (Apr), 2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Transforming and Querying XML with XSLT and XQuery2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Recruiting and Retaining Librarians from Underrepresented Minoritized Groups, 2023-09 (Sep)$200.00
Using OpenRefine for Library Metadata2023-09 (Sep)$200.00