2022-02 (Feb)

Agile in the Library: Principles and Tools for Managing Teams and Strengthening Change2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Controlled Vocabularies and Taxonomies2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Sociology of Information Disorder and Fake News2022-02 (Feb)$300.00
LSSC Elective Competencies: Cataloging and Classification2022-02 (Feb)$300.00
Emotional Intelligence for Librarians2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Introduction to Collection Analysis2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Exploring and Applying Critical Theory: An Introduction for Librarians2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Academic Library Budgets 1012022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Innovation in Libraries2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Introduction to Digital Humanities for Librarians2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Systematic Review Essentials2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Primary Source Pedagogy2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Introduction to JSON and Structured Data2022-02 (Feb), 2022-08 (Aug)$200.00
Easy Patron Surveys2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Business and Professional Writing for Librarians2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Allyship, Anti-Oppression Practices, and Building Inclusive Libraries2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Introduction to Scholarly Communications2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Embedded Librarianship in Online Courses2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Dewey Decimal Classification2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Introduction to XML2022-02 (Feb), 2022-08 (Aug)$200.00
Supercharging Your Storytimes2022-02 (Feb), 2022-10 (Oct)$300.00
Appraisal and Collection Development for Digital Special Collections2022-02 (Feb)$200.00
Introduction to Cataloging2022-02 (Feb)$200.00