2021-08 (Aug)

Library of Congress Classification2021-08 (Aug), 2022-03 (Mar)$175.00
Curriculum Mapping Information Literacy for Academic Librarians2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
Introduction to Metadata2021-08 (Aug), 2022-03 (Mar)$175.00
LSSC Elective Competencies: Adult Readers’ Advisory Services2021-08 (Aug), 2022-07 (Jul)$250.00
Beyond the Basics: Cataloging DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and Streaming Videos2021-08 (Aug), 2022-01 (Jan)$175.00
Introduction to Rare Materials2021-08 (Aug), 2022-06 (Jun)$175.00
Art Librarianship2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
Assessing and Advocating for Early Childhood Services2021-08 (Aug), 2022-08 (Aug)$175.00
Introduction to Digital Humanities for Librarians2021-08 (Aug), 2022-02 (Feb)$175.00
Introduction to Project Management2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
Stories, Songs, and Stretches I: Science and Standards2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Development2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
Introduction to Collection Development2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
Student Staff Development2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
Cultural Competence for Librarians2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
Introduction to Regular Expressions2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
The SPARQL Fundamentals II2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
Introduction to XML2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
Techniques for Student Engagement in Library Instruction2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
Appraisal and Collection Development for Digital Special Collections2021-08 (Aug)$175.00