2021-06 (Jun)

Online Instructional Delivery2021-06 (Jun)$175.00
Do-It-Yourself Usability Testing2021-06 (Jun)$175.00
LSSC Elective Competencies: Supervision and Management2021-06 (Jun)$250.00
Introduction to Linked Data2020-12 (Dec), 2021-06 (Jun)$175.00
JSON-LD Fundamentals2020-12 (Dec), 2021-06 (Jun)$175.00
Leadership Communication2021-06 (Jun)$175.00
Ethics and Sustainability for Digital Curation2020-11 (Nov), 2021-06 (Jun)$175.00
Creating Online Exhibits with Omeka2021-06 (Jun)$175.00
Using OpenRefine for Library Metadata2021-06 (Jun)$175.00
Supercharging Your Storytimes2021-02 (Feb), 2021-06 (Jun), 2021-10 (Oct)$175.00
Getting Started With Digital Image Collections2021-06 (Jun)$175.00