2020-10 (Oct)

Inclusive Instructional Design, 2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Creating Digital Exhibits2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
LSSC Elective Competencies: Adult Readers’ Advisory Services2020-10 (Oct)$250.00
Online Instructional Design and Delivery2020-10 (Oct)$250.00
User Experience Research and Design2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Exploring and Applying Critical Theory: An Introduction for Librarians2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Introduction to GIS and GeoWeb Technologies2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers and Interns2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Writing for the Web2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Technology, Literacy, and Young Children (0-5 years)2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Introduction to Digital Humanities for Librarians2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Telling the Library Story through Community Engagement2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
XSLT Fundamentals2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Introduction to RDF2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Digital Repository Fundamentals and Design2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Introduction to Digital Preservation2020-10 (Oct), 2020-07 (July)$175.00
Introduction to Health Sciences Librarianship, 2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Using OpenRefine for Library Metadata2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Supercharging Your Storytimes2020-10 (Oct), 2021-02 (Feb), 2021-06 (Jun), 2021-10 (Oct)$175.00
Techniques for Student Engagement in Library Instruction2020-10 (Oct)$175.00
Examining Institutional Racism in Libraries, 2020-10 (Oct), 2021-01 (Jan)$175.00
Introduction to Cataloging2020-10 (Oct), 2021-02 (Feb)$175.00