Feedback for Data Management, March 2014 session

We would like students to leave their public feedback, or reviews, for the now completed March 2014 session of Data Management, taught by Jillian Wallis. Participants’ feedback will help us know how we can improve, and also to give others a sense of what our classes are like. Thanks!

One thought on “Feedback for Data Management, March 2014 session

  1. Michael Mitchell

    This course was an excellent introduction to Data Management. It covered not only the ways in which data and research materials can be archived and shared (institutional repositories, etc.), but also dug deep into the existing practices of scientists and researchers, their own estimation of the importance of their data, and issues related to grant and journal mandates for data management plans.

    I walked away from this course with a much better understanding of the topic along with several quality resources which I can consult as further reading.


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