Feedback for Online Instruction, January 2013 Session

We would like students to leave their public feedback, or reviews, on the now completed January 2013 session of Online Instruction, taught by John Doherty. Participants’ feedback will help us know how we can improve, and also to give others a sense of what our classes are like.


2 thoughts on “Feedback for Online Instruction, January 2013 Session

  1. Martin Wallace

    I found the course to be very beneficial and I’m looking forward to using what I learned about backward design in future classes that I teach. It was well-structured and expectations were clearly defined. I allotted myself 15 hours to complete the course and it took exactly that, including the readings and homework assignments. John did excellent job designing the course.

  2. Tony Garrett

    I really enjoyed learning the material of this workshop. It brought back a lot of stuff I learned in my Bachelor’s program. I am trying some of the things I learned in my upcoming online class for Troy University.


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