2024-07 (Jul)

Integrating Universal Design for Learning into Library Outreach2024-07 (Jul)$250.00
Library of Congress Subject Headings & Genres2024-07 (Jul)$250.00
Introduction to Open Source Software in Libraries2024-07 (Jul)$375.00
Coaching as a Leadership Skill2024-07 (Jul), 2025-01 (Jan)$250.00
Arrangement and Description of Archival Collections2024-07 (Jul), 2025-07 (Jul)$250.00
Equity and Early Literacy2024-07 (Jul)$250.00
Trauma Informed Librarianship2024-07 (Jul)$250.00
Introduction to Metadata2024-07 (Jul)$250.00
LSSC Elective Competencies: Adult Readers’ Advisory Services2024-07 (Jul)$375.00
Introduction to Collection Analysis2024-07 (Jul)$250.00
Service Design: Towards a Holistic Assessment of Library Services2024-07 (Jul)$375.00
Excel for Librarians2024-07 (Jul)$250.00
The SPARQL Fundamentals: The Semantic Web in Action2024-07 (Jul), 2025-01 (Jan)$250.00
Critical Information Literacy, 2024-07 (Jul)$375.00
Introduction to Scholarly Communications2024-07 (Jul)$250.00
Introduction to Regular Expressions2024-07 (Jul), 2025-01 (Jan)$250.00
Fundamentals of Digital Curation in Libraries, Archives, and Museums2024-07 (Jul), 2024-10 (Oct)$250.00
Introduction to Cataloging2024-07 (Jul), 2024-10 (Oct)$250.00