2022-04 (Apr)

Preservation of Archival Collections2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
Introduction to Social Network Analysis2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
Introduction to Career Paths in STEM Librarianship2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
Microsoft Access for Libraries2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
Python for Librarians2021-12 (Dec), 2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
Inclusive Instructional Design, 2022-04 (Apr), 2022-08 (Aug), 2023-02 (Feb)$200.00
UX & Digital Collections2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
LSSC Required Competencies: Technology2022-04 (Apr)$300.00
Everyday Statistics for Librarians2022-04 (Apr)$300.00
LRM: A New Foundation for RDA & the RDA Toolkit2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
Introduction to Technical Services in Special Collections2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
Developing a Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Course2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
XSLT Fundamentals2022-04 (Apr), 2022-10 (Oct)$200.00
Introduction to RDF2022-04 (Apr), 2022-10 (Oct)$200.00
Introduction to Resource Sharing and Interlibrary Loan Services2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
Exploring STEAM Concepts Through Storytimes2022-04 (Apr), 2022-08 (Aug)$200.00
Addressing Misinformation and Fake News: Resources and Strategies2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
Metadata and Description for Digital Special Collections2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
Fundamentals of Digital Curation in Libraries, Archives and Museums2022-01 (Jan), 2022-04 (Apr)$200.00
Subject Analysis and Subject Representation2022-04 (Apr)$200.00