2021-02 (Feb)

Collection Assessment for Audiovisual Archives2021-02 (Feb)$175.00
Inclusive Instructional Design, 2021-02 (Feb)$175.00
Student Retention in Higher Education: Information Literacy and Beyond2021-02 (Feb)$175.00
LSSC Required Competencies: Foundations of Library Services2021-02 (Feb)$250.00
Library Outreach and Marketing to Latinx and Spanish-Speaking Families2021-02 (Feb), 2021-10 (Oct)$175.00
User Experience Research and Design2021-02 (Feb)$175.00
Introduction to Rare Materials2021-02 (Feb), 2021-08 (Aug)$175.00
LRM: A New Foundation for RDA & the RDA Toolkit2021-02 (Feb)$175.00
Academic Library Budgets 1012021-02 (Feb)$175.00
Innovation in Libraries2021-02 (Feb)$175.00
Library Resources and Services for Patrons on the Autism Spectrum2021-02 (Feb)$175.00
Easy Patron Surveys2021-02 (Feb)$175.00
Allyship, Anti-Oppression Practices, and Building Inclusive Libraries2021-02 (Feb)$175.00
Introduction to Regular Expressions2021-02 (Feb)$175.00
Stories, Songs, and Stretches II: Stretches and Stillness2021-02 (Feb), 2021-09 (Sep)$175.00
Introduction to XML2021-02 (Feb)$175.00
Supercharging Your Storytimes2021-02 (Feb), 2021-06 (Jun), 2021-10 (Oct)$175.00
Working with Library Service Design Tools2021-02 (Feb)$175.00
Appraisal and Collection Development for Digital Special Collections2021-02 (Feb)$175.00
Introduction to Cataloging2021-02 (Feb), 2021-06 (Jun)$175.00