2020-07 (July)

LSSC Elective Competencies: Cataloging and Classification2020-07 (July)$250.00
Everyday Statistics for Librarians2020-07 (July)$250.00
Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER)2020-07 (July)$250.00
Introduction to Collection Analysis2020-07 (July)$175.00
Introduction to Archives Administration and Management2020-07 (July)$250.00
Introduction to Accessibility and Universal Design in Libraries2020-07 (July)$175.00
The SPARQL Fundamentals I: The Semantic Web in Action2021-01 (Jan), 2020-07 (July)$175.00
Emergency Preparedness: Disaster Recovery and Response2020-07 (July)$175.00
Exploring Librarianship through Critical Reflection2020-07 (July)$175.00
Implementing and Managing Organizational Change2020-07 (July)$175.00
Active Learning Strategies2020-07 (July)$175.00
Primary Source Pedagogy2020-07 (July)$175.00
Student Staff Development2020-07 (July)$175.00
Caring for Collections2020-07 (July)$175.00
Introduction to Digital Preservation2020-07 (July)$175.00
Exploring STEAM Concepts Through Storytimes2020-07 (July)$175.00
Recruiting and Retaining Librarians from Underrepresented Minoritized Groups, 2020-07 (July)$175.00
Subject Analysis and Subject Representation2020-07 (July)$175.00