Price increase coming later this year

We’d like to give you advance notice that we will be raising our prices in September. Four-week classes, which have been priced at $175, will be $200, and six-week classes, which have been priced at $250, will be $300.

It is possible to lock in current pricing on classes taken over the next year by purchasing a bundle of registrations to be used later, which also comes with a discount. Information on our bundle pricing is here:

Gift certificates won’t lock in current pricing, as the recipient will pay based on the pricing at the time of registration.

We started offering classes in 2012, and haven’t raised our prices since then. During that time, as we have grown, we have upgraded our server capacity, added employees, and contracted out expert work that at first we did ourselves, but at a less professional level. Additionally, over the years, our pool of instructors has increased in expertise, and we feel increased compensation is appropriate.

We recognize that library budgets for professional development may not be increasing, so we are expecting this will mean a small decline in enrollment numbers. This may be good news to some, however, who found that a class they wanted to take had filled up, as many of our classes have been doing lately.

We think we’ve found pricing that will help us continue offering great PD experiences without creating sticker shock, so we hope you’ll stick with us.

A side note. As you may know, we have arrangements with a number of consortia and associations that give discounts to their members in exchange for promotion. If your library is part of a consortium, or if you are a member of a library association, you can encourage them to contact us to explore such an arrangement.

2 comments on “Price increase coming later this year

  1. How can I find out if one of my professional memberships has a discount with Library Juice Acadmey?

    1. You could ask us about a specific one, or you could check with the organizations themselves. If they have an arrangement with us, they should be doing some marketing of our classes in newsletters and the like. If you see anything like that you can infer that we might have a relationship with them.

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