Library Juice Academy

Online Professional Development for Librarians

Courses on Web Design and Development

Course Instructor Credits Cost
User Experience Research and Design Carli Spina 1.5 CEUs $175
Introduction to Design Thinking Carli Spina 1.5 CEUs $175
Information Architecture: Designing Navigation for Library Websites Laura-Edythe Coleman 1.5 CEUs $175
Do-It-Yourself Usability Testing Rebecca Blakiston 1.5 CEUs $175
Know Your User: Research Methods Beyond Usability Testing Emily Daly 1.5 CEUs $175
Getting to Know Your Users through Interviews and Focus Groups Jennifer Sweeney 1.5 CEUs $175
Writing for the Web Rebecca Blakiston 1.5 CEUs $175
Developing a Website Content Strategy Shoshana Mayden 1.5 CEUs $175
Introduction to Project Management Robin Hastings 1.5 CEUs $175
Introduction to GIS and GeoWeb Technologies Eva Dodsworth 1.5 CEUs $175
Embedded Librarianship in Online Courses Mimi O'Malley 1.5 CEUs $175
Introduction to Web Traffic Assessment Using Google Analytics Lisa Gayhart 1.5 CEUs $175
Web Accessibility: Techniques for Design and Testing Carli Spina 1.5 CEUs $175