Library Juice Academy

Online Professional Development for Librarians

Courses on Management and Productivity Topics

Course Instructor Credits Cost
Introduction to Project Management Robin Hastings 1.5 CEUs $175
Introduction to Knowledge Management Systems for Libraries Valerie Forrestal 1.5 CEUs $175
Evaluating Service Quality and Patron Satisfaction Jennifer Sweeney 1.5 CEUs $175
Easy Patron Surveys Jennifer Sweeney 1.5 CEUs $175
Getting to Know Your Users through Interviews and Focus Groups Jennifer Sweeney 1.5 CEUs $175
Everyday Statistics for Librarians Jennifer Sweeney 1.5 CEUs $175
Effective Communication Strategies Deborah Schmidle 1.5 CEUs $175
Planning and Leading Effective Team Meetings Deborah Schmidle 1.5 CEUs $175
Strategic Planning: Setting Directions for the Future Deborah Schmidle 1.5 CEUs $175
Critical Strategies for Implementing and Managing Organizational Change Deborah Schmidle 1.5 CEUs $175
Growing, Developing, and Retaining Dynamic Staff Deborah Schmidle 1.5 CEUs $175
Telling Your Story: Successful Marketing Strategies for Librarians Deborah Schmidle 1.5 CEUs $175
Agile Library Operations: Introduction to Scrum and the Agile Manifesto Aaron Collie 1.5 CEUs $175
Academic Library Budgets 101 Tracey Leger-Hornby 1.5 CEUs $175
Emergency Preparedness: Disaster Recovery and Response Carmen Cowick 1.5 CEUs $175
Service Design: Towards a Holistic Assessment of Library Services Joe J. Marquez 1.5 CEUs $175
Working with Library Service Design Tools Joe J. Marquez 1.5 CEUs $175
Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers and Interns Tatum Preston 1.5 CEUs $175
Student Staff Development Jeremy McGinniss 1.5 CEUs $175
Business and Professional Writing for Librarians Alison Lewis 1.5 CEUs $175
Working Faster, Working Smarter: Productivity Strategies for Librarians Emily Drabinski 1.5 CEUs $175
Grant Proposal Development for Libraries Grace Agnew 1.5 CEUs $175
Weeding the Academic Library With Confidence Samantha Hines 1.5 CEUs $175
Techniques for Creative Problem Solving in Libraries Annie Downie 1.5 CEUs $175
Diversity Plans for Academic Libraries Julie Biando Edwards 1.5 CEUs $175
The Sustainability Movement on Campus: Forming a Library Action Plan for Engagement Madeleine Charney and Jamie Conklin 1.5 CEUs $175
Cultural Competence for Librarians Shaundra Walker 1.5 CEUs $175
Introduction to Archives Administration and Management Christine D'Arpa 2.25 CEUs $250