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Certificate in Cataloging and Technical Services

This certificate program is designed to help you develop a command of a set of skills in cataloging and technical services, with the opportunity to tailor the program to your needs by providing a range of courses to choose from.

The courses in the certificate grouping work as standalone courses as well, and need not be taken towards a certificate. For the certificate, the courses may be taken in any order; none have prerequisites. If you have previously taken any of the courses below and want them to count towards the certificate, let us know and we will maintain a record for you.

To earn the certificate, you must complete eight of the following courses.

Course Instructor Credits Cost
Introduction to Cataloging Natalie Hall 1.5 CEUs $175
Dewey Decimal Classification Robin Fay 1.5 CEUs $175
Library of Congress Classification Robin Fay 1.5 CEUs $175
Subject Analysis and Representation Robin Fay 1.5 CEUs $175
LRM: A New Foundation for RDA & the RDA Toolkit Robin Fay 1.5 CEUs $175
Understanding the BIBFRAME Model and Vocabulary Rebecca Guenther 1.5 CEUs $175
Authority Control Natalie Hall 1.5 CEUs $175
Beyond the Basics: Cataloging DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and Streaming Videos Natalie Hall 1.5 CEUs $175
Using MarcEdit Natalie Hall 1.5 CEUs $175
Introduction to Technical Services in Special Collections Librarianship Robin Katz 1.5 CEUs $175
Metadata and Description for Digital Special Collections Elliot Williams 1.5 CEUs $175
Metadata Design Grace Agnew 1.5 CEUs $175
Metadata Implementation Grace Agnew 1.5 CEUs $175
Describing Photographs for the Online Catalogue Beth Knazook 1.5 CEUs $175
Excel for Librarians Erin Crane 2.25 CEUs $250
Using OpenRefine for Library Metadata Margaret Heller 1.5 CEUs $175

You may be interested in looking at our free demo course on RDA before starting this certificate program, or at any time during it if you feel the content may be useful.