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A problem that many librarians are concerned about is the difficult job market and the difficulty that out-of-work librarians face in keeping up their skills. Library Juice Academy’s “sponsored librarian” project aims to help unemployed librarians pay for their continuing education. If you are an unemployed librarian who wants to take classes from Library Juice Academy, you can set up a profile here. If you want to donate some funds to help an unemployed librarian pay for their classes, you can find their profile and use your paypal account or credit card to pay for a full class or donate an amount toward the enrollment fees. We also encourage peer-to-peer micro-lending, so that unemployed librarians can pay their donors back once they have found employment. Additionally, we have a fund to which you can donate, and let us distribute your donation to librarians who are seeking assistance.

We think this system will help facilitate the mutual support that is part of what makes librarianship a satisfying field to work in. We have a little bit more to read about it. Comments on this page are open.

4 thoughts on “What This Is

  1. Dina says:

    Has anyone considered doing a project/classes exchange with libraries and out of work librarians? A library perhaps doesn’t have the budget to hire a full-time archivist, but they could pay $175 for an out of work archivist to take an EAD class. In exchange, the unemployed librarian would convert some finding aids to EAD for the library. The library gets some work done and the librarian has a new skill and something to show for their work. Sounds like everyone wins?

  2. Rory says:

    Great idea! I will think about how to do that.

  3. Hank Roberts says:

    > to donate some funds to help an unemployed librarian pay for their classes

    How about a way to donate to a general fund, that can be used to support this?
    I don’t know that I know an unemployed librarian personally.
    Site owner, feel free to email me
    (Note slow replies: I bundle email, to read and answer non-urgent stuff less often than monthly)

    But I’d sure like to see more librarians more obviously online.

    Heck, if I could go to a public library on Sundays, I’d treat it like church.

    And if I could do all my Internet searching “through” a public library site, that (anonymizing) would solve all my concerns and trouble trying to reduce tracking, profiling, directed advertising, bugs, beacons and bullshit.

  4. Rory says:

    We have added this feature, Hank. Thanks for your suggestion.

    -Rory Litwin

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