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97 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Valerie Bross

    Another excellent course from Robert Chavez! Introduces all the basic concepts–but also provides links to tools & documentation for those wanting a deeper study. Chavez is the perfect instructor to encourage beginners, while supporting those with higher-level needs.

    1. Jennifer Page

      I’ve been pleased so far with the previous two courses that I’ve taken with LJA; however, I was a bit disappointed in the April 2018 LC Classification course with Catelynne Sahadath. There were many mistakes in the exercises, which led to a lot of confusion with the students. (Classification is an activity that requires attention to detail.) I also was frustrated with Catelynne’s lack of timely responses to our many questions (many of which were because of her mistakes and lack of clarity.) I wish that the lessons were explained with more clarity as well instead of just taken from the Classification and Shelflisting Manual. I wouldn’t have minded as much if the course was free, but for a paid course, I expect better.

      1. admin Post author

        Thank you for your feedback, Valerie. We rely on feedback from students to make improvements and maintain a high level of responsiveness. We will address these issues.

        1. Christina Hipsley

          I completely agree with Jennifer’s assessment of the LC Classification course. I have taken three or four Library Juice Academy courses and have always had great instructors and learned a lot. This course was a huge disappointment for all the reasons mentioned above. My employers paid for this course and I do not feel they got their money’s worth. The only reason I signed up for another class is because it is taught by Natalie Hall – who is excellent. I will be hesitant to take courses not taught by Natalie or Robert Holley from now on – and I will definitely not take another course taught by Catelynne Sahadath.

          1. Dusty Folds

            Not to pile on, but I totally agree with Jennifer and Christina about the LC Classification course in April 2018. I have really enjoyed the courses I have taken through Library Juice in the past, but this course was a huge let down. I actually paid for the course out of pocket, and I’m not sure I know much more now than I did going into the course. In fact, I would say that I have more questions than anything. I know Catelynne had a lot going on personally and those things were unforeseen when she agreed to teach the course, but the lack of communication and clarity did make the course a waste of time and money.

      2. admin Post author

        Based on feedback about this class, we have decided to find a new instructor. We are working with Shawne Miksa to teach our classes in Dewey and LC cataloging, and another class in Subject Analysis. Again, we appreciate your feedback; we rely on it to improve our courses continually.

    2. Beth Morris

      So far i have taken stories songs and stretches modules 12 and 3. The instructor was excellent. Provided lots of good feedback. And even had video calls so we could further interact. I have been very impressed with the classes and hope to take morlibrajuice

      1. Heather Reynolds

        I also enjoyed Stories, Songs, and Stretches!. I learned a lot from Katie Scherrer. I have been able to put the knowledge to use in storytimes at my branch. She gives feedback and checks in often to answer questions or address concerns. What a fun class!

  2. Karen Wilson

    I took the course “Student Staff Development” during the month of January 2015. The course was well done and I learned a lot about hiring, training and evaluating student staff. The rubric for evaluation was something I know our library will begin using. It’s a great way to tie in training with evaluations and will make students aware that their job in the library is valued and a part of their overall learning experience.

  3. Mary Jane Cuneo

    I took Robert Chavez’s SPARQL Query Language (part 1) class in January 2015, after completing the five other classes in his Library Linked Data series. This class introduces the language that ties all the content of the previous classes together, bringing new meaning to the whole: a great aha moment. Robert Chavez can explain the most complex concepts and details of coding in terms that the neophyte can absorb, and he will stay in dialogue with each student until he/she understands. He can also explain the human/business/technical/historical environment in which Linked Data technologies reside, so we can understand not only what should occur “in the wild,” but also what does occur, and what might occur in the future. Chavez knows the constraints that adult learners have to deal with, so he’s flexible with assignments; but the content of the class is as challenging as you want/need it to be. Our group included both beginners and seasoned techies– all said they got much out of this course. I am amazed at how much I learned in a short time.

  4. Mary Brunelle

    I took PHP and MySQL with Caleb in January 2015 and Introduction to XML with Robert in February 2015. I enjoyed both classes and got a lot out of them. My only suggestion would be to give a bit more structure to the assignments in both. For instance, in the PHP and SQL class, every student created their own database from scratch. This allows for creativity and the ability to work on one’s own personal projects, but it was hard for students to communicate and help one another. Everyone had their own problems, goals, tasks, etc. I would have benefited a bit more if everyone had been working on the same assignment, so that we all could work through the process together and learn the same concepts. I think online courses really need that structure, more so than in-person classes.

    Both instructors were extremely helpful and responsive. I certainly will look for more classes from them in the future.

  5. Barb

    I took Beth Knazook’s “Caring for Collections”. I found it very interesting and appealing as I have never studied this topic-archiving and preservation of special collections; I have always had a personal interest in it. I learned a lot and enjoyed learning from the experiences of the other student’s comments. I think it was a good course, except for the long dry technical manuals that were hard to grasp and I don’t know if anyone actually read through all of these. I learn more from other’s actual experiences with their collections, archiving, disasters, etc. Thank you.

  6. Melanie Brunet

    I took “Digital Scholarship: New Metrics, New Modes” in February 2015 with Marcus Banks. Excellent overview of bibliometrics and altmetrics, including their advantages and drawbacks. Marcus designed the course in a way that allowed students to explore aspects of metrics particularly relevant to their work and provided timely and useful feedback on all assignments. Great course!

  7. Shakti Maisen

    Katie Scherrer’s “Bilingual Storytime at your Bilblioteca” was a fantastic course: excellent materials, knowledgeable and responsive instructor, and great sharing of ideas among participants.

  8. Melissa Hozik

    Julia Skinner’s course on “Social Media for Libraries” taught me about best practices; gave me the opportunity to converse with her and fellow librarians about our experiences with social media; evaluate my library’s social media presence; and gave me reading and tools which I can share with my social media committee to help us move forward in an organized manner. Ms. Skinner has helped me become a better publicity librarian, and I have already seen improvement in our metrics because I integrated some of what we learned into our daily postings.

  9. Jean Peick

    Thanks to Robert Chavez for an interesting and enlightening “Introduction to the Semantic Web”. The material was presented in absorbable chunks and provided a good foundation for how all the pieces and parts of the semantic web fit together.

  10. Piotr Lapo

    Thanks to Robert Chavez for his course “Ontologies and Linked Data.”
    I appreciate its comprehensive overview of the topic, useful tools, clear narration, and practical orientation.
    After such my study experience I want to study more.

  11. Oliva Montero

    Really good class, I learned a lot from the “Intro to Cataloguing” class. I work as a Library Clerical Assistant and I had no knowledge about cataloguing, for it is not part of my responsibilites. Prof. Melissa provided many free resources that clarified many of my doubts and broaden my knowledge. Overall, this is a class I would recommend to anyone looking to learn the basics of cataloguing.

  12. Carrie Marten

    Just completed “Introduction to XML” with Robert Chavez. Challenging, but because Robert is so knowledgeable (and why not, this is part of what he does for a living) he is very adept at explaining things in a way that is clear, concise and logical. As a result I quickly grew in confidence as I worked through the materials. A great class, well worth the investment. I will be working to complete the certificate with Robert, but I already feel like I have a better understanding of the foundations of everything our libraries are built on. And while my position does not require me to use XML every day, I have already been able to apply my knowledge to my work. This class has already helped me have a better understanding of some of the materials I am looking at and helping me to better communicate with colleagues. Thanks Robert and Library Juice for this class.

  13. Rachel Schwedt

    I enjoyed the Introduction to Indexing class very much. The materials were presented clearly and the pace of work required was demanding but not overwhelming. The teacher’s feedback was prompt and she went out of her way to be available to people who had questions.

  14. Drea Douglas

    I took Debra Lucas-Alfieri’s Marketing the library in the 21st century October, 2015. I found it informative and the instructor responsive. I thought there was a lot of reading, but then I’ve been out of school for a while, and I know it takes me a little while to get back into the grind. Therefore, you should take this comment with a carton of salt.
    Despite not having time to run an actual marketing campaign, I felt the final project brought what we’d learned together, requiring careful consideration of each step and some possible outcomes.

  15. India Frazier

    I took Marketing the Library in the 21st Century. Though I enjoyed my assignments it seemed to be geared more towards Academic Librarians who have never marketed their libraries before. If that had been in the descirpiton I would have not taken this course. I am not a Librarian and do Marketing/PR for a public library.
    I was also surprised by the small amount of continuing ed credits earned for a month long class but maybe they are weighted different in each state. I am in PA and ususally get 2 to 3 cont ed creidts for 1 in service.
    Instructor Debra Lucas-Alfieri was great! Very accomodating, patient and helpful!

  16. Alan Mark

    I took Ontologies and Linked Data during December 2015 conducted by Robert Chavez. I thought the structuring of the presentations was extremely good. The assignments were challenging at times but Robert’s answers to any questions including examples when appropriate were always informative. I enjoyed being given concrete tasks to perform following the readings. An excellent class.

  17. D'Ann Hamilton-White

    I took the Introduction to Book Indexing class and am glad that I did. Materials were informative and the overall project educational. Great experience in creating an index for a short document. The instructor, Joanne Sprott, was exceptionally helpful and supportive in answering students’ questions. She also modified her schedule to accommodate students’ work schedules. The course is well worth the money; I highly recommend it for anyone either considering indexing as a career, or who wants to know more about this field.

  18. Alexandra De Pretto

    I have just completed the Certificate in XML and RDF-based Systems given by Robert Chavez and have found it a very worthwhile exercise. Although I had some knowledge of the various topics covered, it has given me a much better grounding in the various concepts and tools that we explored and how they all feed into each other. The quality of the material was very good, with comprehensive references and a very useful forum for asking questions. It is a window into a vast subject and I know that the learning will continue but I feel much more confident in how to approach further developments in my work with a much clearer understanding of linked data related activities. It is quite a sustained effort to go through each topic month after month and I personally found it challenging to have the Ontologies and Linked Data module in December but Robert allows for a certain level of flexibility with regards to the assignements, which is very helpful. I would very much recommend this course.

  19. Merilee Mott

    I absolutely loved the course on Effective Communication Strategies it was so informative. And helpful to me as I am having some of the problems taught in the course. So it taught me how to handle situations. I don’t always do it the best way, but at least I have some information to help me cope.

    The instructor Deb S. was wonderful and helpful with me.

    I hope you continue this course for people who have not been able to take this yet.
    Thank you.

  20. Josh Rimmer

    I recently enrolled in Catelynne Sahadath course for Library Classification in LC and Dewey. I registered in this course to expand upon materials taught in my grad cataloging course – or lack there of – and was extremely pleased with the course content and hands on experience. Material was presented in a straightforward manner and the instructor provided examples in the lecture notes to clarify cataloging rules. Links were provided to additional readings on Dewey and the LC for students. The instructor took the time to explain answers on quizzes, which was especially helpful for challenging questions. I would highly recommend this course offering to those interested in cataloging – novice, beginner, etc- or those looking to further develop their skills in classifying library materials. Will look at future Library Juice course offerings for sure!

    1. Christina Hipsley

      I am curious if you have taken other LJA courses. This class definitely did not meet the high standards put forth by other instructors I have had.

  21. Jennifer Songster

    I took the Building Relationships, Building Bridges course during March. It was an amazing course and Katie Scherer did a fabulous job teaching it. Truly it was one of the best professional development experiences I’ve had. The course set me up in the perfect position to really start finding and contacting organizations to work with for programming and developing services. I highly recommend the class to anyone who is looking to get out in their Latino community, but isn’t entirely sure how to go about it.

  22. Kate Todd

    I took the course, Online Instructional Design and Delivery, taught by Mimi O’Malley, in March/April 2016. She was a great instructor who both presented valuable information and modeled an excellent example of an online course. I have been teaching online courses for several years, but was unfamiliar with much of the research that was incorporated into the course. The other students were also engaged with the content and I learned from them as well. I will be able to use the skills I learned in my future teaching.

  23. Tina Sibley

    I took Introduction to Accessibility and Universal Design in Libraries, taught by Carli Spina. She was a wonderful instructor who provided good information and gave useful, supportive feedback to the learner. I had already started researching the topic of accessibility with respect to online databases and librarian generated digital content and hoped this class would help give me some focus, as the topic is vast. It did that and more! Now I notice all sorts of poor design online and in physical buildings, but feel like I can find solutions. Carli’s choice of readings and assignments were a good introduction to this area. I encourage others to take this class and get some understanding of this important topic.

  24. Elizabeth Tobey

    I just finished taking the Introduction to Cataloging Course with Melissa Adler. I found it really helpful, especially since I have been working with library catalog records in my current job. It was especially helpful learning about some of the differences between AACR2 and RDA.

    I like the flexibility of the course. It is not a huge time commitment but I felt I learned from it. I wish I had taken more part in the online forums; unfortunately, because of life circumstances I was late starting the course content so finished most of it towards the very end.

  25. Rebecca Meyer

    I took Metadata Implementation with Grace Agnew in June 2016. It was a terrific class, with probably the clearest explanation of metadata concepts and schemas that I have encountered. The assignments do take some time, but they are very much worth it. I’m amazed to have gotten so much content and feedback for the price. Highly recommended.

  26. Jeanne Kauffman

    The critical Strategies for Implementing and Managing Organization Change was excellent. The lectures and reading were interesting and informative. I appreciated the instructors comments as well as the other participants online discussions regarding our assignments. I would enjoy taking more of these classes.

  27. Sarah Feyl

    I completed the “Information Literacy, Composition Studies and Higher Order Thinking” course led by Andrea Baer. It was truly engaging, enlightening and has inspired my work here in the Library. I will use what I learned in this course when reaching out to English and Composition faculty members. The knowledge I have gained will be useful as we work to collaborate with the English department on teaching our students information literacy and research skills. Thank you for the opportunity!

  28. Beth Daniel Lindsay

    I took Growing, Developing and Retaining Dynamic Staff with Deb Schmidle in July 2016. The course was excellent; I learned a lot about hiring and onboarding, and strategies to maximize employee satisfaction and productivity. I highly recommend this course for supervisors.

  29. Maria T. Chaves

    I took Jeremy McGinniss’ course, Student Staff Development and I learned a lot from it! I am really glad that I took this course. We have just started with our Student Assistantship Program a year ago so the course added a lot on how we go about hiring, training, and evaluating students. The rubric would definitely be useful and effective. After I completed the course, I suggested the rubric method to my supervisor and we both agreed to use it in our program.

  30. Barbara Browning

    I took “Introduction to RDA”, and I found the content to be quite helpful for an experienced AACR2 cataloger who’s ready to break into RDA. Readings covered some history and theory behind the change in format, then we started looking at specific changes to MARC records. It was just the start I needed – a good balance of the conceptual and the practical.

  31. Anita Davis

    Through my employer, the Virgin Islands Next Generation Network, I took the course “Everything to Hide: A Toolkit for Protecting Patrons’ Digital Privacy” with instructor Alison Macrina. This course was suggested to me by a library professional, and although I am not a librarian, I am directly involved with assisting 33 Public Computer Center (PCC) Site Managers – including those in all of our our Public Libraries in the United States Virgin Islands. So, I thought it would be very useful, and this has turned out to be such an understatement.

    The course was eye-opening and even rather frightening in terms of the amount of surveillance that goes on in general, that we have either taken for granted or of which we are completely unaware. There are various free methods and solutions which may be implemented to increase the online safety and digital privacy of those using our PCCs, as well as individuals.

    We have been able to fold this critical information into our presentations about online safety, THE most popular public speaking request by parent,faculty and community groups at the elementary, middle school, high school and university levels.

    As we have just completed our own independent broadband infrastructure through the Broadband USA initiative our community needs not only digital literacy, but cyber security knowledge, and this course is a tremendous compliment to our efforts to “Invest to Protect”! Highly recommended.

  32. Ed Driedger

    “Everything to Hide” was an excellent introduction to the issue of online privacy. Very quickly there was no escaping the fact that surveillance is increasingly ubiquitous and highly intrusive. Strongly recommended.

  33. Vanessa Franco

    I took Nicole Capdarest-Arest’s Writing for the Web course in September 2016. The four weeks went by surprisingly fast. I learned a lot of good techniques and tips that I was immediately able to put into use at work. The main project was an excellent exercise, and Nicole gives thoughtful and detailed feedback. Recommended!

  34. Caitlin

    I thoroughly enjoyed the “Grant Proposal Development for Libraries” course. I thought the readings were well-selected and informative and the project was outlined well to build on what we learned each week. I also appreciated Grace Agnew’s feedback which helped me better shape my proposal.

  35. Adel

    I have a pleasure to study in the class of Robert Chavez. He explains so easy the course, he is patient and meticulous in his responses. I am going to continue the XML certificate.

  36. Amy

    I took Intro Cataloging with Melissa Adler. I’ve been out of librarianship for a few years and am looking to get back in. This was a great refresher as well as a good introduction to the changes with RDA. Easy pace, easy to keep up with my other obligations. Melissa responded to my questions quickly. I’m glad I took it, and will take other Library Juice courses to get back into the field.

  37. Beth Willis

    I took 6 workshops comprising the Certificate in XML and RDF-Based Systems. I had virtually no background in this area and I learned a LOT. Robert Chavez is an outstanding instructor. Each segment of each workshop was well-planned and with relevant reading assignments. The lessons included detailed examples, where appropriate, and Rob was always quick to respond to questions with thoughtful replies. Overall, I was very happy with each workshop and would highly recommend them to anyone who interested in learning more about semantic web technologies.

  38. Allyson Ota

    I recently completed the 6-course series to earn a certificate in XML and RDF-based Systems, with Rob Chavez. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and especially appreciated how each month-long course was structured with weekly readings and resources which were typically accompanied by an assignment to help make sure we were on the right track. Rob gave feedback for all assignments, and held weekly forums that I often couldn’t participate in due to my time zone here in Hawaii, but I read the transcripts and found it helpful. I’m a student, and this was a nice way to learn about concepts not currently incorporated into the curriculum at my school. This was a good investment.

  39. Carol

    I just finished the Introduction to XML course in February 2017. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting a good grounding and understanding of XML and corresponding tools. Robert Chavez is knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and an excellent instructor, giving feedback and helpful advice. It is not all theory; the hands-on nature of the assignments ensures that students engage with the topic for better understanding. This is a worthwhile investment.

  40. Aparna Zambare

    Introduction to XML is a great course; I have learned a lot in the course. There was a huge gap between the last time I worked with XML and now (1999-2017), so I needed to restart and was anxious about it, at least initially. The course turned out to be a great learning curve for me and I must thank Rob Chavez, our instructor, for providing us with excellent course materials, clear assignment instructions, and helping suggestions. This positive experience has encouraged me to take higher level courses in XML technologies with Rob and Library Juice Academy.

  41. heather lehman

    Given the quality of the courses that I have experienced so far, I know I will be back for more. In fact, I am looking forward to all that is ahead!

    The courses are well coordinated, offer a wealth of resources, and are designed for self-starters and those that know how to get the most out of courses. Everything about my experiences – from registration to certificates has been solid.

  42. Lihong Zhu

    Course: Introduction to the Semantic Web (online class)
    Instructor: Robert Chavez
    Dates: April 3rd to 28th, 2017

    This is a great course. I learned a lot. Thanks.

  43. Sarah Kennedy

    During June 2016, I took a class called “The Sustainability Movement on Campus: Forming a Library Action Plan for Engagement.” I thought this was a great class, and I generated a number of practical, achievable goals for myself that I am excited to implement at my library. I was really happy with the way that each homework assignment was a step toward completing the final product (the Action Plan), so I felt like I was making real progress with each week, with the result that I was not too overwhelmed at the end.

  44. Pat

    I took Metadata Design (Dec. 2016) and Metadata Implementation (Oct. 2017) with Grace Agnew. I had little experience in designing metadata and feel that the classes provided a strong foundation. The work was challenging and Grace provides a wealth of information and detailed critiques of the assignments. Her exacting requirements help to reinforce how critical standards are to ensuring that the metadata is useful and transferable across systems.

  45. Elliott Kuecker

    Dem Schmidle is awesome and has many years of experience. She responds to all forum posts and assignments. It was obvious that she took a lot of time to prep and organize her materials, including outside resources.

  46. Andrea

    I took Beyond the Basics: Cataloging DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and Streaming Videos in November and December 2017. I was familiar with cataloging DVDs in AACR2 and had been searching for a class focusing on RDA changes in DVD cataloging. This class filled that bill and more. Natalie Hall provided a well-organized and thorough guide with excellent instruction and explanation and lots of exercises for practical experience.

  47. Carla

    Library Juice Academy is a great platform to have true learning and training experience. I am following the UX and XML certificates and other Courses: Professors and content delivered are amazing.

  48. Jedidiah Rex

    I took the Introduction to OER with Sarah Hare this past Jan-Feb. I know what OER were, but this was really my first time really learning about what they are, how they work, and what pedagogical potential they have. The course helped me with all of that and provided me the tools and skills to create an OER proposal to be able to discuss the topic back on my campus.

  49. Carlotta Alpigiano

    I enjoyed the course Introduction to project management. Our instructor, Robin Hastings, was great: always answering to our questions and giving constructive feedback. I learned a lot and I think that I gained all the essential skills to be able to set up a project plan. Many thanks!

  50. Alasdair MacDonald

    I have recently completed the Introduction to XML and Transforming and Querying XML with XSLT and XQuery modules. Both courses were very well structured and built your knowledge week by week. The course notes from Robert Chavez were concise and clear and his support on the course forums was always helpful and informative, whether responding to a simple question or giving clarity to a more complex problem.

  51. Roxanne Sutton

    I completed the Introduction to Archives Administration and Management. I found it very beneficial. I’m a librarian by training and an accidental archivist. This course took me through the basics and beyond of archives management. I feel so much more confident in my archives work. Rebecka Sheffield is very knowledgable and experienced. I appreciated that there was a wide variety of readings for each week as well as an assignment for experiential learning.

  52. Kim Mumbower

    I completed the basic JSON class. It was another excellent class from Robert Chavez. The information I was given in the readings, combined with the exercises, gave me a good overview and the confidence to be able to work with data in this format. I’ve taken a number of classes from Robert Chavez, and have always learned quite a bit. He always answers questions and encourages the students. I have been able to apply what I learned on a number of projects where I had to query and work with data in XML, RDF and JSON. A very good class taught by a very good instructor.

  53. Gen Kinjo

    Effective discussion forum!

    As a new-comer into the cataloging, it was tough to digest the material of the MARC 21. The instructor Melissa Adler asked everyone to post what they learn from the exercise for that week. By reading everyone’s posts helped me understand the material even more! It is good learning process trying to tell other people what you learn: it helped me realized what I dont understand.

    Thank you,

  54. Christina Hipsley

    I finished Using MarcEdit in June, and I can say is it was another great class taught by Natalie Hall!

  55. Sandy

    I took Using MarcEdit by Natalie Hall. The first couple of sessions were brilliant and I learned a ton of useful information that I could immediately start using to make my Job easier, but I think regular expressions were too complicated to cover in just one class session. It might be better to cover regular expressions in more than one class session, or even devote an entire class to them.

  56. Amanda Hurford

    I took Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER) with Sarah Hare in July-August 2018. This class was well organized, practical, and struck a great balance of introducing OER and providing opportunity for an in-depth dive. Sarah provided helpful feedback on all assignments and encouraged participation/collaboration among students. I’m so glad I took this course!

  57. Thea Atwood

    I took “Working Faster, Working Smarter: Productivity Strategies for Librarians” with Sarah Simpkin in July of 2018, and I can’t stop singing its praises! This course was well organized, easily integrated into my existing workflow, and offered at a time that I could change things up (it would have been a little more challenging to try out some of the tasks when I’m in back-to-back meetings, for example). From the very beginning, I loved being able to finally give myself permission to step back and plan — and not be busy all the time! That is really empowering.

    Sarah was a great instructor – responsive, thoughtful, and full of great insights.

    It was also incredibly rewarding to learn from my classmates and see what worked for them. They are inspiring! 🙂

  58. John Clarke

    Just completed the Working Faster, Working Smarter course. It’s great to know the options out there and it’s encouraging to know that I’m already on the right path. However, many of the solutions offered I had already tried and, as a consequence, I actually haven’t made any significant changes to how I work at the moment. It’s difficult because I was expecting to find a perfect solution and I haven’t found it yet. It was pleasing to see others benefit from the course though so that part of it was most enjoyable.

  59. Julie Kliever

    “Excel for Librarians” with Erin Crane was WELL worth the time and money. I learned about features in Excel that I’d never had the time to tackle. I’ve used at least 2 of the features right away, and am now running reports that may save us tens of thousands of dollars. I did not know how to use these reports before this class.
    The online format, which included detailed explanations and videos, was very easy to use.
    I will definitely try to take another Library Juice Academy course.

  60. SarahEllen Hickle

    I took “Foundations in Early Literacy,” taught by Saroj Ghoting, in September of 2018. This was a fantastic course; I appreciated being able to really delve into the subject matter and get a solid grounding on these topics. As a Children’s Librarian of 7 years, I had a basic understanding of some of the topics Saroj covered, but this course really solidified it. I especially appreciated her insight into how everything (ECRR 1.0 and 2.0, in particular) ties together, which has helped me in my explanations to patrons. My one-on-one interactions with caregivers have really benefited from this course, and it has helped me with developing early literacy tips for programs as well.

  61. Ramila

    I took the Business and Professional writing for Librarians. This is my first course with LJA and I say that I really enjoyed the course. I learnt a lot from this course and the feedback and responses were always great and on time. I am planning to take more courses. Thank you!

  62. Larisa John

    The MarcEdit class was organized well, the exercises were diverse in covering various kinds of clean-up, the teacher was responsive and helpful in her comments. I highly recommend this course for an introduction to this software.

  63. Angelique Roy

    I took the Introduction to Collection Development in October 2018 taught by Dr. Robert Holley and found it immensely helpful in my current role. While the course speaks more broadly to academic, public, and school libraries collection development, Dr. Holley assisted me personally every week through his comments to explore the issues and solutions for a small corporate library. Dr. Holley was extremely prompt at grading and providing feedback on weekly assignments. From this course I was able to build a Collection Development policy for my company’s small library and effectively explore acquisition options as they best suit the needs of our users. Overall an excellent course!

  64. Miroslava Benackova

    I took the Metadata Implementation course taught by Grace Agnew in November 2018. I couldn´t be more satisfied – it introduced me to other metadata schemas as I usually work with and it showed me very clearly the process and obstacles of creating an application profile, which may be useful fior me in the future. We also tried creating metadata record in practise.
    Overall, the topics were delivered in a clear and easy to understand way. The lecturer responded to all our questions and also gave a detailed feedback to each of our assignments, which I especially appreciated! I can only recommend this course to other students.
    This was my first course by Library Juice Academy and hopefully not the last!

  65. Jennifer Pedersen

    I took the Legal Research class in Nov, 2018, and was disappointed with the quality as compared to other LJ classes I’ve taken. I’m not sure if the instructor had something going on personally (and if so, I do hope everything is okay), but she was virtually non-existent. There were several questions about the structure of the class and related confusion the first week. She only responded to one question where the person had already discovered the answer on their own and did not respond to any of the others. The content was dated from an earlier version of the course and clearly had not been updated. I did discover useful resources, but a simple list would have done the same thing. Not worth the money.

  66. Andrea Kroll

    Introduction to MarcEdit with Natalie Hall in December 2018 was a splendid and practical introduction to the possibilities awaiting the user. The first three of the weekly sessions were explained in detail and presented clearly. The last weekly session dealing with regular expressions was way over my non-programming head, but I will profit from knowing about the regex “store” for premade regexes. As usual, Natalie was responsive to questions and comments, presented concepts thoroughly and explained why you might want to use a certain function. Thanks, Natalie!

  67. Kara Phillips

    Excellent Introduction to Archives Administration and Management class taught by Rebecka Sheffield during January and February 2019. I highly recommend it!

  68. Kathryn Rowe

    Excel for Librarians with Erin Crane was a great course to take. Well worth the time and money. Erin was helpful and offered videos to try to make sure the concepts made it through to the students. I highly recommend this course to anyone who needs to brush up on their Excel skills.

  69. Roberta Cole Lader

    I just finished the Archival Administration Course, and found it very useful. I’m already applying many things I learned in the course to my work as Trustee of the Rome (NY) Historical Society. I’m hoping to expand my librarianship abilities in this direction in the future, so I’d definitely be interested in other applicable courses. Rebecka Sheffield did an excellent job as instructor for the course, and provided excellent reading and video materials for us. Thanks so much for making this excellent course available!

  70. Melissa Wojtasik

    I recently completed the Dewey Decimal Classification course with Shawne Miksa. Dr. Miksa was extremely knowledgeable, and responded to questions quickly and thoroughly. My goal was to learn to number build using the tables with more confidence, and I feel that the course was quite helpful in that respect. The first two weeks covered Dewey structure, and this portion was very academic. I felt that this would be better suited to a university class than a course for busy, working catalogers. The second half of the class, however, provided excellent practice number building. My biggest struggle with the course was the time commitment. The course description mentioned about 3 hours of course work per week, and I really needed triple that amount of time. Since I was completing the class during work hours, it was a bit of a crunch. Overall, I enjoyed the course and improved my skills.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for your feedback. You’re not the only person who has said there was too much work. We’ll make adjustments going forward.

  71. Rebecca Jefferson

    I took Rebecka Sheffield’s course, “Introduction to Archives Administration and Management” in January-February, 2019, and I highly recommend it. Rebecka is an experienced archivist and incredibly knowledgeable about archives history, theory and practice. The course she has devised is the perfect, balanced introduction, providing an overview of the basics of archives management, as well as a “taster” of more in-depth archival theory. She provides a list of fascinating core readings, as well as excellent materials for further reading. The lectures, readings and assignments are thought-provoking and well-designed to lead into each week’s new topic. I wish there was a follow-up course!

  72. Jason Coleman

    I took Emily Daly’s “Know Your Users: Research Methods Beyond Usability Testing” class in March and was extremely happy with the quality of the class. Emily has a wealth of experience and is very responsive to each student in the class. She is also very flexible and is realistic about what busy professionals can accomplish in a short time frame.

  73. Greg Bem

    Hi there, I just completed the 6 months worth of courses (6x @ 1 month each) for the Library Leadership Certificate. The courses overall cover an extended bit of ground and there’s a lot to be learned–both in the curriculum and in the reality that the peers are coming from libraries throughout the USA and (in some cases) other countries. Deb was the lead instructor for these courses, and it was very enjoyable to learn through her.

    In terms of the overall design of the certificate, I have three major areas of feedback.

    1) I believe there should be more than a single instructor teaching the different courses in the sequence. While the consistency is nice in some ways, I think that having multiple voices would be more engaging (especially around the 4 month mark where things get repetitive), and there would be some intentionality around diversity of instructors.

    2) I believe there should be more diversity in the approach to these online courses. While Deb’s courses are pretty solid/stable, the modules all felt nearly identical and there were many weeks where I just kind of turned on autopilot to “do the module” in a check-out way. Certainly the discussion boards occasionally helped spice up conversation, but much of the conversations were pretty flat and the assignments weren’t very different from one another.

    3) I believe there should be either a 7th course or the 6th course could be changed to be a final project. Without a major culmination of the overall experience, there wasn’t really a good way to pull together content from all of the courses and demonstrate the knowledge gained from month to month. Thus the end was very anticlimactic and even a bit disappointing in the grand scheme of things.

    I hope this feedback feels informative and not too criticizing. I’m glad I went through the certificate experience and it gave me a good benchmark for these types of PD.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Greg,

      Thanks for your feedback. We are actually planning to make some changes to this certificate program, and some of the changes we are planning will be along the lines you suggest.

      Best regards,

      Rory Litwin

  74. Kayla Harris

    I just completed “Primary Source Pedagogy” with Robin Katz and I would highly recommend it. This was my first LJA course, but I’ve taken other online courses before and this one was much better managed. Many archivists and special collections librarians are tasked with teaching, and this is something that is generally not taught in library school (or if it is, it’s geared only towards traditional reference librarians). Even as someone who found herself already teaching with primary sources, I never understood the theory or reasoning behind certain methods and approaches. I appreciated that for the first couple of weeks (when the content focused on pedagogy) Robin included many readings, but starred the ones most crucial to complete for the course. This allowed those who were really interested to go back and look at the additional readings when there was more time. I also appreciated that the assignments built upon each other and can be implemented at each student’s institution (or not).

  75. Annie Matthys

    I took the course Getting Started with Digital Image Collections with Beth Knazook in May 2019. I have to commend Beth on doing an excellent job of structuring the course, assignments, and readings to all come together seamlessly to teach what isn’t the most easy of topics. Not only were the readings informative and thought-provoking – really steeping one in the theory – but the exercises reinforced everything so well. Beth was also very active on the boards and communicated in a useful manner that sparked thought and constructive academic conversation. I know that if I needed a point clarified or had a question Beth would be there to make sure I wasn’t struggling. I enjoyed the class so much I paid out of my own pocket for the next in the sequence, Describing Photographs for the Online Catalog, and have absolutely gotten my money’s worth from that and then some! I truly feel like I have developed valuable professional skills and knowledge. Thanks a million, Beth!

  76. Sarah Bankston

    I took the course User Experience Research & Design with Carli Spina in May 2019. The course was well-paced, and the workload was manageable for someone in a full-time position. The readings and assignments enhanced my understanding, and I appreciated Carli Spina’s responsiveness to questions and her quick turnaround with feedback to assignments. Thanks so much!

  77. Charlotte Sherman

    I completed the July 2019, “Creating An Oral History Project” workshop and found it extremely helpful. I enjoyed the reading assignments and the exercises, and gained the confidence necessary to begin and complete an oral history project.

  78. Kevin Trice

    I completed the Information Architecture course this summer (2019). Overall it had a nice pace and I liked the fact that there is reading (required and optional) that we can go back to, even when the course is finished.
    I thought the exercises for each week really made me think and be mindful in my decision making towards info architecture for our website. I have some experience in this realm, but I’m not sure how a novice would navigate/understand all of these concepts.

    Overall, I liked the responses from the instructor and classmates.
    I wish there was a better way to look at each others work and communicate with the instructor with a connected email and not a bunch of single emails.

    I plan on taking more courses with Library Juice.


  79. Amber Cosgrove

    I took the Foundations of Early Literacy class and the Early Literacy Enhanced Storytimes through Saroj Ghoting the past two months. I have learned a great deal from both of these classes. Saroj is highly intelligent and knows just what you need to gain feedback on. She was professional, attentive, and encouraging. Thank you for offering this class and for giving me the opportunity to take it. Thank you Saroj for being a remarkable teacher.

  80. Nancy Buck

    I enjoyed the MARCEdit class taught by Natalie Hall. Learned more about the tool that will help speed some up some processes. I appreciate Ms. Hall’s attention to detail and quick responses to questions. I’d definitely recommend the class or other LibraryJuiceAcademy classes.

  81. Pam Johnson

    Introduction to Digital Humanities with John Russell

    Initially, I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work for the class. But, as I got into the exercises, I realized the benefit of our very hands-on look at the digital humanities. So, rather than a webinar lecture format, our weekly exercises immersed us in the content. This is my first online course with Library Juice Academy and now I have a better idea of the structure and when to take courses in my own workload. John gave feedback on our some of our posts and on our final project. And he also offered to be a resource on an ongoing basis, which is both generous and helpful.

  82. Brad

    Course: Introduction to Digital Humanities
    Instructor: John Russell
    Cohort: October 2019

    This was a very rewarding and enjoyable course for me. John Russell provided helpful and considerate feedback to all discussion forum posts and assignments. The course gave me some readings to get my bearings in Digital Humanities and a chance to try some tools like Voyant and Text Encoding. The final assignment was a project relevant to DH in libraries and I produced a professional development plan around developing computer programming skills. I definitely want to enrol in Introduction to Text Encoding when it is held again.

  83. Sarah Jenkins

    I took Introduction to Accessibility and Universal Design in Libraries with Carli Spina, November 2019.
    Carli was an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable, responsive, and offered detailed feedback on all of the assignments. I was able to use her feedback to make immediate improvements to the services in my library. Even though I already had a pretty good grasp on accessibility issues, I still learned a lot in this class. I highly encourage it.


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