Library Juice Academy

Online Professional Development for Librarians

Keeping Up with Emerging Technologies

Instructor: Nicole Hennig

Dates: February 3rd through 28th, 2020

Credits: 1.5 CEUs or 15 PDHs

Price: $175


How do we possibly keep up in this rapidly changing world?

If you’ve been an information professional for any length of time, you’ve heard over and over that technology is changing quickly (and exponentially) and that it’s very difficult to keep up. You’ve likely felt overwhelmed at times. You’ve seen trends come and go, and wondered how and where to invest your limited time and budget.

Learn the best methods and strategies

In this course you’ll learn the best methods and sources for meeting this challenge. We’ll look at two roles or types of people, visionaries and implementers, and we’ll offer strategies for each type. You’ll learn about the best resources for keeping up, how to evaluate what you’ve learned, the importance of experimenting with new technologies, and how to plan for implementation of new technologies that meet user needs.

After you participate in this course, you will:

  • Have methods in place for keeping up with information on new technologies.
  • Know some of the best types of sources to follow, and create your own list of sources.
  • Be familiar with a few types of user experience research and know where to go to learn more.
  • Be familiar with some methods for trend-spotting.
  • Have chosen your method for curating new technology information for your peers. You will begin to implement it before the course ends.
  • Have a plan for experimenting with new technologies in your library, and criteria for evaluating the results.
  • Know some methods for persuading decision-makers to implement a new technology that will benefit users.

What you’ll need:

  • The ability to install a few free apps on your computer and mobile device. (Android or iOS, Mac or Windows)
  • Enthusiasm for learning about new technologies and sharing that information with others.

Note on the December 2019 session:
We will have the normal 4 weeks worth of content, with an extended time frame due to the holidays. I will ask that you share your expected schedule with me before or during the first week of the course, so that I have a better idea of what level of participation to expect at what time. For example, those who celebrate Hanukkah are welcome to start during the second week of the course. Those who celebrate Christmas may wish to complete all four weeks worth of readings and posts in the first three weeks, or save week four's content for the week of Dec 31-Jan 3; those who wish to finish up earlier will be asked to check back in during the first week of January to read and possibly respond to comments on their posts.

Nicole Hennig

Nicole Hennig is an expert in mobile technologies for libraries. In her 14 years of experience at the MIT Libraries, she won awards for innovation, and worked to keep academics up to date with the best mobile technologies. Now she has her own business helping librarians stay current with new technologies. She is the author of several books, including Keeping Up with Emerging Technologies, and Apps for Librarians. Like most librarians, she is passionate about access to information for all. Librarians who take her courses are becoming technology experts for their communities. To stay current with the best mobile technologies, sign up for her email newsletter, Mobile Apps News, and follow her on twitter @nic221, where she tweets about libraries, apps, and emerging technologies.

Course Structure

This is an online class that is taught asynchronously, meaning that participants do the work on their own time as their schedules allow. The class does not meet together at any particular times, although the instructor may set up optional sychronous chat sessions. Instruction includes readings and assignments in one-week segments. Class participation is in an online forum environment.

Payment Info

You can register in this course through the first week of instruction (as long as enrollment is not full). The "Register" button above goes to our credit card payment gateway, which may be used with personal or institutional credit cards. (Be sure to use the appropriate billing address). If you want to pay with Paypal, or if your institution wants us to send a billing statement or wants to send us a purchase order, please contact us by email to make arrangements.