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Library of Congress Classification

Instructor: Shawne Miksa

Dates: February 4th through March 1st, 2019

Credits: 1.5 CEUs or 15 PDHs

Price: $175


This course focuses on learning the structure and notational system of the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) system, using the free PDFs of LCC via the Library of Congress. LCC is an enumerative system that uses an alphanumerical notation system to express the subject content of information resources. The call numbers created are a combination of class numbers and cutter numbers, thus an integral part of building numbers involves understanding the role of cutter numbers and how they are constructed using the LC Cutter Number Generating Table.

Students will become familiar with the structure of LCC and how numbers are devised through basic subject analysis technique. The notational system will be explored, including its expressiveness and hospitality and how notational elements are used. Call number building devices will be practiced, including basic cutter number construction, reserved cutter numbers, and successive cutter numbers, etc. Another integral part of LCC is its in-schedule instructions such as “Divide like” and “Under each” and the use of category lists and auxiliary Tables.

Course Objectives and Goals

By the end of the course students will:

  • Learn the structure of this long standing library classification system through an examination of the overall 40+ schedules and targeted use of select schedules.
  • Develop a firm grasp of number building techniques and the use of cutter numbers
  • Develop a firm understanding of Martel’s Seven Points and the use Tables when building class numbers
  • Build/construct LCC numbers for a range of information resources and for different library environments

This is an asynchronous course with built-in course materials and series of weekly assignments. Some course materials may be recorded.

Shawne Miksa

Dr Shawne Miksa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Science in the College of Information at the University of North Texas. Since 1998, Dr Miksa has published and taught in a variety of areas within LIS including the organization, control, and access to information resources (e.g., cataloging rules and encoding standards such as RDA, AACR2, MARC21, etc.), knowledge organization systems (LCC, DDC, LCSH, etc.), LIS education in information organization, bibliometrics and scholarly and scientific communication, information behavior, history and foundation of library and information sciences, and theory development in LIS.

Course Structure

This is an online class that is taught asynchronously, meaning that participants do the work on their own time as their schedules allow. The class does not meet together at any particular times, although the instructor may set up optional sychronous chat sessions. Instruction includes readings and assignments in one-week segments. Class participation is in an online forum environment.

Payment Info

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