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Controlled Vocabulary and Taxonomy Design

Instructor: Jillian Wallis

Dates: Not currently scheduled

Credits: 1.5 CEUs or 15 PDHs

Price: $175

This four-week course presents an overview of taxonomy design principles, methods for building a controlled vocabulary, and an examination of selected controlled vocabularies. This course was designed to prepare practicing librarians to understand the role, defend the use of controlled vocabularies, and to participate in the development of specialized thesauri or glossaries for specific projects.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Controlled Vocabulary and Taxonomy Design
  • Types of Controlled Vocabularies
  • Taxonomy Planning and Design
  • Taxonomy Construction and Development
  • Hierarchical Structure and Relationships
  • Taxonomy Display and Navigation
  • Taxonomy Implementation and Management

As a part of the course, students will build a toy taxonomy that will allow them to see the real challenges that arise when going through the process of taxonomy development and how to resolve them. The entire course is grounded in the existing NISO standards so that you can be sure that you are building taxonomies appropriately.

This course can be taken as one of eight courses needed to earn our Certificate in Cataloging and Technical Services, but can be taken as a stand-alone course as well.

Jillian Wallis

Jillian Wallis is currently a postdoctoral researcher working with Dr. Christine L. Borgman in the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies at UCLA. She researches the data practices and collaboration of researchers at the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing. She graduated from UCLA with an MLIS in 2005, and received her Ph.D. in 2012. Her dissertation, entitled, “The Distribution of Data Management Responsibility within Scientific Research Groups” described the various data management activities performed by researchers, and who did what activity when within a given research group. She has developed and taught a data management course with Dr. Borgman that is given annually in the Information Studies department, as well as workshops on controlled vocabulary design and computing skills for MLIS students, including HTML, programming in Python, and database concepts. Interview with Jillian Wallis

Course Structure

This is an online class that is taught asynchronously, meaning that participants do the work on their own time as their schedules allow. The class does not meet together at any particular times, although the instructor may set up optional sychronous chat sessions. Instruction includes readings and assignments in one-week segments. Class participation is in an online forum environment.

Payment Info

Please contact us to arrange a special session of this class for a group of seven or more, with a negotiable discount, or to be notified when it is next scheduled.